10 Characters We Want In Super Smash Bros. for WiiU and 3DS


Nintendo has been very tight-lipped about what new characters will be included in next year’s Super Smash Bros. for WiiU and 3DS. This leaves the floor open for us to chime in with what characters we at Geekenstein want to see in the game and why we believe they would would be an awesome fit.

Ray (Custom Robo Series)


For my pick for a character to be included in Smash Bros, I would have to go with a Ray series robot from the Custom Robo series. He was an assist trophy in Brawl, but I think that Custom Robo is an underrated series that deserves more than just a cameo. Now, traditionally, the robots depicted in Custom Robo have been quite tiny, but considering how many different versions of Ray have been depicted in the series, I can see no problem with depicting him as the “Ray II MkS” and giving him a slight size boost. As for his arsenal, you have literally hundreds of weapons to choose from, in the form of both arm cannons and back mounted rocket launchers. Add that to his jets for getting back onto Final Destination, and perhaps a Final Smash involving some illegal parts, and I feel like you have a great representation of what makes Custom Robo cool.

(Alex Santa Maria)

Ganondorf Rework (Legend of Zelda Series)


One of video gaming’s greatest villains has spent far too long in Smash Brothers’ Z-tier, and a new game is the perfect place to change him up. In Melee and Brawl, Ganon was a slower clone of Captain Falcon with slightly more power and weight. He needs to be free to be his own man, using his sword and magic projectiles interchangably to be a versatile fighter in a medium-high weight class. Additionally, great use could be made out of his magical projectile-reflecting cape for his Down-B special. A rework is just what Ganon needs to save him from being arguably one of the worst characters in the game.

(Jake Petersen)

Waluigi (Various Mario Titles)


Let’s start with a simple one and probably a no-brainier, too; Waluigi would definitely be a great counter point to Wario and, let’s face it, he has definitely earned his place in the Mushroom Kingdom over the years. Waluigi first made his appearance in Mario Tennis for the GBC and since then has appeared in almost all the Party/Sports spin-offs and was even the main bad guy in Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix. I imagine he would play like a combination of Peach and Luigi. He will be kind of goofy like Luigi but much quicker with faster range and like Peach in her ability to use the different sports equipment. Maybe instead of fireballs he’d shoot low damage bombs or dice. In any case I believe he has earned his space in the arena.

(Shane Peltzer)

Toad (Various Mario Titles)


OK, this one is a bit harder of a sell but I will go for it anyways because Toad is definitely my favorite character in the Mushroom Kingdom. Toad’s have been a part of the lore since the very beginning of the franchise but it was in Super Mario Bros. 2 that Toad got his chance to shine. Toad was the quicker-picker-upper, and yeah he couldn’t jump as well as either Luigi or the Princess (which is weird because jumping was Mario’s thing, but I digress) but he still earned his place. Two other notable appearances include Wario’s Woods, where Toad was the main character, and Mario Kart 64, where Toad’s voice didn’t grate on my nerves. Toad’s move-set would include tossing vegetables just like Peach but he would be much faster at it than her. I also predict lots of spinning moves like Kirby does. If Jigglypuff can be a character then surely Toad deserves a shot at the mayhem, right?

(Shane Peltzer)

Baby Bowser (Various Mario Titles)


I know what you are thinking “Uh, isn’t he called Bowser Jr. Now?” and to that you would be wrong. No, I am talking about Baby Bowser from Yoshi’s Island. I imagine he would shoot fireballs out of his mouth instead of simply breathing fire, and that he would also hold a magic wand like Kamek or the Koopa Kids would. For this character, I’m thinking less melee attacks and more projectile attacks. He would probably control a bit like Ness/Lucas but would definitely be considered more of a Middleweight class. Last note: I know that clone characters aren’t exactly popular but I believe that Baby Bowser would be enough different from Bowser that he couldn’t be considered a clone character.

(Shane Peltzer)

Protoman (Mega Man Series)

Proto Man--article_image

How can you not consider Protoman as a character, especially after the announcement of Mega Man as a playable character? Protoman would be exactly like Mega Man, except for a few key features. First of all, his shield definitely changes his move-set up quite a bit and maybe it’s me but I thought that only Mega Man had the ability to gain his foes abilities? So if I continue with that line of thought Protoman would rely more on his own agility and basic abilities than Mega Man does. Perhaps teleporting and something with his scarf because, let’s face it robots, with scarves are awesome.

(Shane Peltzer)

Goron (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)


When Ocarina of Time introduced the world to the Goron race, I fell in love with their simple attitudes and lovable faces but that also got me thinking; could they ever become playable characters? Well let’s think about this for a bit: what are their abilities? They are super strong, they eat rocks, they are fire proof, they roll around and, if anything, I believe they can box like you wouldn’t believe. So that makes me think of a combination of Donkey Kong and Jigglypuff. Captain Falcon’s “equal” is Ganondorf, but there isn’t really another Donkey Kong style fighter in the Smash Bros series. Picture a rock tossing, punching machine who can roll into a ball at will who is heavy like DK and Bowser and I think we’ve got a good contender.

(Shane Peltzer)

KK Slider (Animal Crossing Series)


Oh KK Slider, how the internet loves you. Sure, you might not get the whole Psycho Killer vibe from KK like you would from the Villager, but now that Animal Crossing is a part of the roster, why not add in a gentler, more passive character? I imagine KK Slider would be average in speed and strength but his special abilities would really put him in his own league. Being a musician, his powers would all have to be music based. Maybe he could reverse the controls of his opponents with a twang of his guitar or maybe if he is given enough space he could affect an area around him, much like a bard. I also imagine a guitar smash or two with an unbreakable acoustic guitar. As for whose move-set he would be based on is hard to say, I picture a combination of Ness/Mr. Game and Watch.

(Shane Peltzer)

Mii (Wii, WiiU, and 3DS)


Super Smash Bros Brawl brought us a stage editor (albeit a rather limited one), so why not step it up a notch and include a character editor in the form of Miis? To be honest, this could prove to be one of those game breaking moves where if you were allowed to pick and choose 4 attacks from everyone’s move-set you could easily become over-powered. The other two options for the Mii being included are simply cosmetic or making your own clone characters. A simpler option would be for Miis to behave much like they do in their own games: using various sports equipment or musical instruments, or floating in bubbles and just doing Mii things. To be honest, I was surprised Miis didn’t make the cut in Brawl, so maybe they were saved for the next title because both 3DS and Wii U uses Miis.

(Shane Peltzer)

Banjo and Kazooie (Banjo-Kazooie Series)


Alright, I know how crazy this sounds, but hear me out for a second. Banjo and Kazooie are more well known for their N64 games than when Microsoft bought them and Rare and didn’t really do too much with them. Ditch the build a car mode, ditch the collectibles and just give them their classic move-set and I imagine you could have quite a challenger to face. Seriously, Banjo can roll and jump and use his bear paws to attack, but he could also switch it up and shoot eggs, run quicker or even glide short distances using Kazooie’s abilities. As a fun throwback to the fans, maybe a barrage of collectibles being thrown at their enemies as a devastating final smash (even though I hate Final Smashes). I will end this by saying that Banjo and Kazooie did make it into Sega’s All-Star Racing game for some reason, so stranger things have happened.

(Shane Peltzer)

What characters do YOU want to see in the next Smash Brothers? Let us know in the comments below!