13 Reasons Why E3 2013 Kicks Ass


E3 is in full swing, and most of our major announcements are done and dusted. I don’t think many of surprises left in store will rattle me like the entries below have. It is 2013, and while thirteen may be unlucky for some, for me on personal level, I feel pretty lucky to be among the people who are so invested in and passionate about this industry right now. So in keeping with that theme, here are the top 13 reasons why you should have E3 fever.


  1. Mirror’s Edge 2

Well, well, well. Sat on that one a while, didn’t you? Yes, it seems that EA has finally brought us what so many have been screaming for. We’ve been waiting for this announcement for so long, memory of the first game has begun to fade. I genuinely can’t remember the storyline to the first game anymore. I got really excited when I realized what I was looking at, but then got a little sad because I didn’t remember much of anything about the franchise. Looks like I may have to get myself used copy of this and refresh my memory.

Speaking of used games…….


  1. Sony Absolutely Destroyed Microsoft.

For you gamers out there who have no idea what I’m talking about, first of all, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING THE FOR THE LAST 24 HOURS? Second of all, no worries. I’m here to fill you in. So, after Sony showed off a stellar line-up of first and third party games, with a mixture of exclusives and multi-platform titles, Jack Tretton returns on stage to tell all his loyal customers the Gospel of Sony. In the most arrogant and brilliant of fashions, he stated that PS4 users needn’t worry about losing their used games markets, worry about always online connections, or having to sign on at least once a day to verify your game. Nor would they be changing their position on DRM. He then missed his opportunity to wish the Xbox One the very best of luck in its future endeavours. This announcement rings a little hollow with the later reveal that while their stance remains the same on DRM, used games, and online verification, this doesn’t mean third parties are restricted by their beliefs. As well, PS+ would be required for online play. However, I’m currently a PS+ subscriber, anyway. I don’t really see myself hanging on to that gripe for very long. Especially not if the console is available for the low low price of $399 USD!

Since we’re on the subject of PlayStation 4…



  1. The PlayStation 4 Looks Fantastic.

When I first saw the PS4, I was all like, ‘What the shit is that?’ I didn’t like it. After about ten seconds, that feeling melted away. Suddenly I looked at it with lust, like it was a long-lost lover that gave killer blowjobs, without it being your birthday. It looks like the bastard love child of the original PlayStation 2 and original PlayStation 3, which isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it’s a spectacularly great thing. Personally, those are two of the nicer consoles I’ve ever owned, and are pretty high up there as far as sexy gaming hardware goes. Right now, I’m focusing too much on the next generation, while the current one is still in going strong.


  1. Sony’s PS3 is Still Kicking Ass.

Sony opened with a bit of what PS3 still has to come before its successor drops. The likes of Puppeteer, which doesn’t look like my cup of tea, but does look like an interesting story and an incredibly pretty game; Gran Turismo 6, becoming even more realistic and blurring the lines further between real and virtual driving. Any more realism, and it may actually be against the law to play the game if you’re drinking. Of course Grand Theft Auto V was mentioned, which we’re very much looking forward to. However, Beyond: Two Souls and highly-acclaimed The Last of Us really stole that first segment of Sony’s conference for me. Quantic Dream and Naughty Dog are certainly two of PlayStation’s most talented developers and in all honesty, I think these two games are going to be the perfect slices of bread to sandwich together the last days of the current generation.


  1. Survival Revival

So I kind of missed most the survival horror genre in its early, 5th generation form. 25 minutes of Silent Hill gave me sleepless nights and I decided maybe it wasn’t meant for 8 year olds. With Tango’s The Evil Within, Techland’s Dying Light, and Red Barrel’s Outlast, I can see myself being sucked into the ‘Im’ma go ahead and shit my pants’ territory of gaming once again. All I need now is Capcom to announce a Dino Crisis reboot and I may just kill myself to protect my future dreams. Although, knowing my luck, death will then turn out to be just an endless, inescapable dream and I’ll have all manner of dirty dream underwear until the end of all things.


  1. EA is Resurrecting Star Wars Battlefront

I can’t be sure what fluid came out of my body upon this announcement, but I can tell you there was a enough to drown a large dog. I have been begging for this game since Battlefront II dropped. I would have committed an untold number of crimes, if I thought it would’ve helped speed the process up, and if I thought it wouldn’t have landed me in jail. But with a clean criminal record, and fresh pants, I can now say that this game may  just be my game of the year, whichever year it comes out, especially running on Frostbite 3.


  1. Battlefield 4: Incomprehensibly Impressive

Okay, I’m not really an FPS guy. I have liked CoD in the past, but after Black Ops II , I really got bored of the series. I’ve also dabbled in Killzone and Resistance. Battlefield was a title I always wished would impress me. All my misgivings with FPS multiplayer before were because of  the run and gun, close-quarters maps that meant a player could never develop a proper feel for the maps themselves unless they were terribly good at the game. I’m not, so that sucks. My issue with Battlefield  was that while big and vibrant maps it has, it also felt very empty and far too vast for what was occurring in the game itself. So when I saw the 64-man match up at EA’s conference, of course I was absolutely blown away. The scale of the map was phenomenal, yet there didn’t seem any wasted space. Everything seemed busy, there was always something happening anywhere you looked. Not to mention a real-time building demolition. I remember watching and it started falling and I was like ‘Oh, damn!’ then it sort of stopped and I was like, ‘Well that was underwhelming as all fuck!’ Then suddenly all the glass just starts dropping off, and the whole thing just goes. I was on the edge of my seat, praying for a little more. It successfully pushed my buttons though, in a big way. Really made EA stand out.


  1. Faírymon

Okay, I at no point hoped that Game Freak would introduce the campest-sounding Pokémon type they could think of. I also don’t understand their strength against the dragon type. However I always welcome the addition of anything in Pokémon that will change things up a little. In the coming months, I’m sure we’ll be given further details on Pokémon that may bring some insight into their decision to the inclusion of this type. Either way, new Pokémon stuff always make me happy.


  1. Destiny, Live!

I had no particular excitement for Destiny. I never thought it looked bad or anything. In fact the exact opposite; it always looked very pretty to me. Which made sense, because although I could never see the hype behind Halo, I always thought it was quite a pretty series. So imagine my surprise when Bungie came out literally guns blazing. Going from a solo mission to some friends jumping in to help out, then  suddenly being part of some multiplayer match up in the middle of the campaign. I’ve rewatched the clip since and I keep thinking that what I think is happening can’t possibly be what’s happening. If you know or think you understand better, then explain it to me below because I was thrilled with what I had seen. If you feel like crushing my spirit and correcting me, I’d probably appreciate it in the long run.


  1. Snake Got Himself a Horse, and a Keifer Sutherland

Some more Metal Gear Solid V teasers, with a little bit of old and new in there as well. Great to see Ocelot again. I loved everything I saw, the horse, the CQC, the crazy dive Snake does to dodge the searchlight. The sniper chick with possibly one of the most perfect names for a sniper ever. Most of all, I actually like the fact big K-Dog is playing Snake. I know I’m probably on a very lowly populated island in that respect, an island not thought of fondly by the mainland majority, but I don’t have a direct issue with it like many fans do. Mainly because I don’t believe Hayter isn’t in it what so ever. The only time Hayter hasn’t voiced English Snake is MGS4, when there was two Snakes at once and it would’ve sounded ridiculous. Hayter on Hayter.

While they’re both identical to one another, they both lived differently. Not drastically differently, but differently none the less. They both smoked different things and led different lives. So them being exactly the same on every level, or even most levels, would be stupid. Keifer is a great casting choice and I think we all just need not worry so much. Of course Hayter’s gonna be in the game. Jesus, Kojima walked around denying Moby Dick Studios and The Phantom Pain had anything to do with MGS5. Meanwhile, the rest of the Konami team walk around wearing Moby Dick Studios t-shirts and making troll faces. Kojima is a master troll. Hayter probably doesn’t even know he’s gonna be in the game yet.


  1. The Crew Looks Like a Need for Speed Killer

I love driving games. I love tuning up the cars, crashing into walls, spinning out other racers. I love all that stuff. However, the genre had been getting really stale. Need for Speed had seemingly given up on trying to be new because where the hell else where you gonna go to drive licensed cars at illegal, deathly speeds without any actual ramifications? Even Motorstorm has begun to suffer from franchise fatigue.  The original title really stood out for me as a racing game because of the new aspects added in with the AI and terrain elements, but it all fell flat by Pacific Rift.

Suddenly The Crew comes along, applies the same ideas that Need for Speed has been half-assing for the better part of a decade, throws in all the licensed cars, loads of mods to make them faster, more dangerous, more off road, more durable. Whatever the hell it is you’re trying to achieve. The game pits you against real world drivers and/or AI. To top it all off, when they needed a map, they just made America. Wait…what? You made America? Not three major cities? Not the eastern seaboard? Not an entire state? Just America? What the hell will the DLC be? Russia? The moon? Of course, I’m being stupid. If the game is America, the DLC is obviously Canada and Mexico with ‘Escape to the Border’ missions. It’s a crazy big game. From what I saw, I don’t think it can fail to deliver and I think EA’s got a real contender on their hands for the top spot this gen. I also can’t wait for the near future when anti-game activists try to have the game banned because a group of bank robbers will have allegedly planned their getaway in game. THEY’LL HAVE THE DATA TO PROVE IT BY BACK-TRACING THE INTERNET.


  1. Bethesda Read my Mind, Especially the Part that has Good Ideas

As soon as Diablo 3 was announced on PS4, I assumed that Elder Scrolls Online would almost definitely follow. No one will believe this, but I actually made that prediction in a previous article, which you can read here. Read it and feel guilty for doubting me. But that’s neither here nor there. This will be my first proper hands-on experience with an MMORPG because I’ve always shied away from PC gaming, and MMORPGs always shied away from consoles. I hope it isn’t filled with overly competitive, shitty people, because I don’t play RPGs to be the best; I just like being better than I was when I started playing.


  1. Ubisoft’s ‘This Year’s Watch_Dogs‘, Was Actually This Year’s Watch_Dogs

So, when I heard ‘This year’s Watch_Dogs‘, my first thought was ‘Is it Watch_Dogs?’ My second thought was about how annoying it is typing the underscore. When typing Watch_Dogs, I shouldn’t have to press the shift key so much. My final thought on the subject was ‘Too much hype, it’s already shit, and your conference hasn’t started’.

Before I go on, if you haven’t seen the gameplay footage, stop reading right now and check out Tom Clancy’s The Division. The footage looked incredible, the gameplay elements were outstanding, and if the footage serves no other purpose than a reminder that I cannot underestimate Ubisoft’s hype ever again then so be it. At this point it’s a show-stealer for Ubisoft. I don’t even want to talk about it. I can’t do it justice. Just go watch the footage, and go watch the complex teaser video about money and diseases. It’s fantastic stuff.

On a final note, since I just mentioned Watch_Dogs, this game is still surprising me. Did anyone see the little in game message from the other hacker on the billboard? If you didn’t, keep your eyes peeled for that in the new gameplay footage. I completely missed it on my first viewing and only noticed while I was rewatching it today.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. If you agree, disagree, if you’re undecided about what your highlights are. What’s been missing that you were craving. Hit me up.

[Written by contributor Dan Connor]