15 of The Most Entertaining GTA V Glitches


Grand Theft Auto V has taken the gaming world by storm, and is widely considered to be one of the best games of the year. However, as with any game of its scope, it has its fair share of glitches. Some common, some life-altering. Here are some of the best glitches that we’ve found in the strange world of Los Santos.

“The Freeze Swing”


Trevor Golfing

Trevor Phillips, CEO of Trevor Phillips Enterprises, sometimes likes to do the typical CEO things, like fly his own jets or play a round of golf. However, being Trevor, sometimes he just can’t stop himself from whacking a golf ball into the nearest bystander, for reasons known only to Trevor. Doing this, however, sometimes results in the world freezing you in mid-swing, forever trapped there until the overzealous cops of Los Santos gun you down for hitting someone with a golf ball.

“Ghost Family”

Michael’s mansion is apparently host to a ghost. This is not your run of the mill vengeful spirit, however; this particular phantasm punishes the cruel world that spawned it by choosing a family and using their money to go on elaborate shopping sprees. This bad mojo manifests itself as shopping bags mysteriously coming and going at all hours of the day.

“Air Taxis”

This is not so much a glitch as an exploit, but it’s too funny to not include. To do it, you must first set a waypoint way out in the Pacific Ocean, then take a cab to said waypoint and skip to the end of the journey. This results in your cab spawning a fair distance above the Pacific Ocean, before plummeting in a manner most assuredly comical into the cold, unforgiving sea, never to be seen again… unless you find a boat.

“How Do I Shark”

Sometimes, when going about your business on the Pacific Ocean, you’ll run into sharks, and sometimes, those sharks die. Unfortunately, the game engine has no idea how to manage a shark corpse, so it just freezes in the exact coordinates as at the moment of its death, resulting in a floating shark that sticks out above the waves, an inspiration to sharkkind across the seas. Eventually, however, it’s time for the land-dwelling protagonists to return to their natural element, which is thankfully shark free…

Street Shark

Except when it isn’t. Sharks, the tenacious predators that they are, are seemingly capable of following their prey all the way onto the land (I like to imagine in a way eerily similar to Crysis’ glitchy sharks). They also glitch just as easily, too, leaving an immobile glob of dead shark clogging Los Santos’ streets.


Sharks are not the only aquatic entities to follow you onto the land. If you exit the game while using a submarine or it was the last vehicle you used before starting a mission, you’ll find a submarine parked outside your home. How it got there is a secret known only to the characters. Once there, you can’t do anything with it. It just sits there, undrivable. It’s not completely useless, though: it’s a beautiful piece of modern art on your lawn/parking lot.

Michael Scuba Gear

The sheer amount of aquatic silliness in Los Santos has driven Michael insane. Seeing all of the things that should be in the ocean, such as sharks and submarines, up on land has made him paranoid that soon the sea itself will come onto the land. Because of this, he never takes off his scuba gear, always prepared for the coming of the WaterWorld.

“Double Trouble”


Two Trevor

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why you should not take selfies: you may end up with a clone of yourself. At least, you might in the GTA universe. This glitch produces a fully functional clone of one of the main characters, albeit one that just stands still and occasionally spouts trash talk at his progenitor. Their immobile nature is definitely a good thing, because the last thing Los Santos needs is two Franklins, two Michaels, or, gods forbid, two Trevors running about the streets, stealing cars and raising havoc across the city.

“Seeing Double”


2 Cars

Have you ever been so mad that you’ve driven a car through a store window? For Michael (through Franklin), that answer is yes. However, there aren’t many people who can boast that they’ve driven identical two cars through the same shop window, as apparently happened here.

“Three’s Company”

This entertaining glitch sometimes shows up when you try to get in a two-person car while on a mission with three people. The game engine doesn’t know what to do, so it just swaps between the other two characters while they talk to you about not having enough room.

“Forever Superman”

We’re unsure what exactly is going on here, but it looks like a lot of fun. The game’s awesomely glitchy physics has turned what would be a certain death into the ride of a lifetime, flying up to the edge of the atmosphere, then falling back down in the most exhilarating minutes of your life. Just don’t forget your parachute!

“Gate to the Heavens”

There’s a wonderful glitch up in Vinewood that’s being favorably compared to GTAIV’s infamous Car Cannon. This one unassuming gate on one unassuming house has the power to launch a 2000 pound chunk of metal hundreds of feet into the air. From up there, you can truly appreciate the love and care that Rockstar put into Los Santos as you plummet to your virtual death (you could appreciate it from a helicopter, but where’s the fun in that?).

“Ultimate Hipster Transit”


Car Riding BikeMichael is seen here showing off his superior skills of parking and balance, as his car sits perfectly atop his bike. However, he doesn’t want to upset this perfect balance, so instead he takes the other car pictured here…

“The Invisible Carmobile”

For some, there’s nothing as refreshing as a good drive… especially if you have an invisible car. The benefits of the invisible car are many: it affords great views, has no blind spots, and is incredibly hard to steal. Unfortunately, there is the fact that you can’t find it. But you have an invisible car!

“Bicyclists Can Kiss Their Own Ass”

It appears that Michael’s yoga lesson worked out well for his flexibility, as seen in this picture of him taking a leisurely ride along the beach. It’s unlikely he can see very well, but pedestrians should know at this point to give a protagonist plenty of space, so hopefully nothing bad will happen.

“Suddenly Ladder”

This invisible ladder, found in the port of Los Santos, must lead somewhere cool, right? Unfortunately, it does not. That won’t stop people from climbing it to see where it leads, if it leads anywhere at all. Maybe, someday, somebody will climb the invisible ladder and discover untold riches, or enlightenment, or whatever it is they seek most, like a modern day King Arthur pulling Excalibur from the stone.

“Too Fat to Fly”

Frozen Jet

That jet’s not crashing. It’s just stuck there. It will forever stand as a testament to man’s folly in trying to model the universe, or even just a small chunk of it. People from all over the world will flock to Los Santos to see the Frozen Jet and marvel at it. When human society falls, the survivors will come to worship it as a proof of the power of the spirits they worship. Or it might just be glitch. We’ll leave that up for you to decide.

Have you encountered any of these glitches?

Gate Launch 1

That’s all we have for now. If you know of more awesome glitches, tell us about them in the comments below! A game the size of GTA V has to be filled with many great glitches, and we want to hear all about them.