5 Reasons I’m Not Excited for Tomorrow’s Xbox Reveal Event


In February we received information on the next Playstation and patiently waited for the Microsoft to reveal something.  For that last three months we’ve heard little to nothing about the next Xbox, but tomorrow is Microsoft’s day to shine. The sad thing is that I’m not excited for tomorrows reveal and I have my reasons.

1.) It’s going to be discussing a bunch of services I can get on other devices.

Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, Xtube, Security footage of Dustin’s house, all these services have migrated to my other consoles, my television and even my phone. I don’t need another Netflix machine to watch a bunch of movies I’ve already seen a dozen times.  The idea of the all in one box doesn’t appeal to me. Movies, music and social media don’t all have to be in a gaming console at this point. With reports of Microsoft courting various cable companies I have a feeling that Tuesday someone is going to tell me to watching Modern Family is easier on the Xbox


2.) I’m going to be paying just to play with friends.

Back when I played on Xbox Live regularly it was pretty easy to make friends with random people. People who you could eventually count on not to ruin a game of Halo or continually blast rap music with an awful amount of bass. The thing is, that time on live has passed, now no one talks and if they do its pure garbage. For the price of Xbox Live I get access to play online as well as gaining access to the various services hidden behind the Gold service pay wall. On the other side of the spectrum is the PS3

You don’t pay for online, but you can still pay to get a premium service. For $50 a year Playstation Plus gives you access to various free games as well as discounts on games new and old. On the PC you also don’t have to pay to play online. So hanging out with friends over the World Wide Web seems to be better than on live. 


3.) Indies have not been talking positively about it.

The current state of games is moving towards big budget games and indie games. These smaller projects that are developed for huge companies are currently supported on both consoles in some capacity.  As the next generation is quickly approaching Sony seems to be supporting these developers more than Microsoft. In the past Indies have talked about the process of attempting to get on Xbox Live. Having to fight against ads on the dashboard as well as fighting bigger titles for attention.

Jonathan Blow, creator of Braid, has a timed exclusive on PS4 with his game The Witness. He gave them the exclusive due to how Sony has treated him and his team, also the fact that Microsoft hasn’t even gotten in contact with him.


4.) I got burned last time.

I watched that MTV Special on the Xbox. I was an excited as hell 8 years ago for the 360. When I finally got one I had a reveal with all of my friends at my house. We played a bunch of Hexic HD because I didn’t have enough money for a game. Me and that box were the best of friends until he died and left me for 3 months.  That was the first time, the second time he died I wanted him to stay in his cardboard coffin for good.


5.)  I’m pretty sure some shooter is going to be at this thing.

I’m tired of shooting various brown and white people in the face with machine guns. I don’t need another one.

Track records or not, the world’s apathy towards the Xbox reveal is so intense you would think that Microsoft was announcing a new Fusion Frenzy. Are you excited or could you care less as well? Let us know in the comments below.