6 reasons why MoviePass sucks

moviepass stinks

MoviePass has been around for around three years now, but it is just now coming under the radar for a new crop of moviegoers thanks to their recent partnership with AMC Theaters, the second most popular theater chain in America. With this partnership, MoviePass boasts the ability to see a movie every day for between $35-45 a month, depending on your SD or 3D/IMAX preference. If you go to a lot of movies, that might seem like a good deal at first glance, but upon digging a little deeper you will soon realize your money would be better spent elsewhere, like a on Netflix subscription and a couple of tickets to a movie you actually want to see. In theory, the concept of MoviePass has merit and could be a fantastic way to get moviegoers back into the theater. But as things currently stand, there are several major negatives that need to be addressed to make MoviePass a justifiable subscription service.


“One movie a day” is kind of bullshit

The MoviePass “one movie a day” promise is not exactly a blatant lie, but it most certainly is misleading. MoviePass is on a 24 hour schedule, so you cannot see a movie at any point during the day. For example, if you go to see a movie at 11:30pm on a Saturday, you would not be able to go see another movie until at least 11:31pm on Sunday. How hard would it be for MoviePass to reset at midnight? You know, like an actual day. This would allow subscribers to enjoy a movie on their time while still accommodating MoviePass’ trademarked rule.

bad grandpa

You can’t view the same movie more than once

Seriously, I cannot believe MoviePass does not allow a subscriber to attend a second viewing of a movie they had already seen through the pass. That is beyond ridiculous. Let us say you just came back from a viewing of seeing The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and loved it so much you wanted to go see it again the next day. Tough shit. Despite paying $35-45 a month, MoviePass does not believe you deserve to see a movie a second time, so prepare to pay out of pocket for repeated viewings. In all honesty, there is no reason why subscribers should be prevented from seeing a movie a second time, especially with all the other stupid rules MoviePass currently has.


It’s not a monthly subscription, it’s a yearly contract

Contrary to popular belief, MoviePass is not a monthly subscription service. Instead it is actually a yearly subscription model paid in monthly installments, locking you into a a one-year contract that will cost you $540. In the grand scale of things, the only time there would ever been enough movies coming out to attempt to take advantage of being able to see a movie every day would be during the Summer. But even then there will never been thirty different movies in theaters, let alone thirty movies worth viewing. By locking subscribers in, MoviePass forces them to pay for something they can not even use. This is not helped by the fact subscribers cannot see the same movie twice.


Seating is not guaranteed

After signing away your soul to a yearly contract and accepting the reality that MoviePass will not allow you to use it as it is marketed, the very least you could do would be ask for reserved seating. But as luck would have it, MoviePass does not guarantee seating. In all honesty, you would be better off attending a free advanced screening of every upcoming motion picture, as you have just as much of a chance acquiring a seat as you would with MoviePass. With advanced screenings you might even score some cool exclusive mercy, too! It is pretty bad when advanced screenings treat the general public better than a $540 service.

lonely movie theater

Forget about seeing a movie with a loved one

Have a significant other or family member you would like to share the experience with? Sucks to be you, pleb. As a VIP member of the MoviePass elite, you get to suffer through your yearly commitment of regret all alone. MoviePass subscriptions are for a single moviegoer only and do not even offer the occasional “bring-a-friend” opportunity. Adding the ability to bring someone along for at least once a month would not cut into profits, so I can not see any reason why MoviePass would vouch to not add such a feature.


The price is outrageous

Let’s be honest here. The number one reason preventing anyone from subscribing to MoviePass is the outrageous, unacceptable price. Even if it was a monthly subscription, opposed to the yearly $540 commitment, $35-45 per month is ridiculous when you factor in the aforementioned bulletpoints against the service. MoviePass is not “unlimited”, but instead one of the most limiting and overpriced services out there.

  • As Dustin said, you’re better off attending FREE advanced screenings. Here is my handy dandy guide to saving thousands of dollars. Bonus is that you can take a friend.


    • How does seeing a one time advanced screening even compare to the fact that with Moviepass I can go anytime I want? You make no sense.

      • joshemerson

        Yeah, especially since those of us in smaller cities never have advanced screenings anywhere near us.

  • Samantha

    Ugh, just found out the hard way about reserved seating being a NIGHTMARE with this service! I’m livid my boyfriend and I have both wasted our money and cannot sit together at our local movie theater. I beg of you, do NOT subscribe to this awful scam!

    • Since when can’t you sit where you want to sit?

      • Samantha Hubbs

        Many movie theatres have reserved seats now- in Philly if you don’t buy your tickets in the same transaction someone takes the seats next to you, this isn’t the case everywhere but it is within a 50 mile radius of where I live- this service just doesn’t work for couples or people that go to movies in groups

        • coolandfun

          This. I always go to reserved seating in NYC and without the ability to buy a second ticket for a friend or gf, this effectively ends the usefulness to me.

        • Ryan Kosta

          i live near a theater that does not do reserved seating within a 50 mile radius of philly, i can think of theaters less than 20 miles away from philly that dont do reserved seating

        • WB Waller

          You can’t make everyone happy. Some people would complain about receiving a free car.

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  • First off, I’ve had MoviePass for a little over three months at this point. I’ve seen more than 30 movies and essentially paid less than $50 to do so. Check out my review of the service on my website and learn how you can do so as well: http://www.kevindublin.com/moviepass-review-2015/.

    There are ways around each of the problems you list here. I’ll blog on them shortly. Keep an eye on the page with the review.

    This is the best investment I’ve made on entertainment in sooooooooo long.

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  • Montaignejns

    I’ve had the card for three months now, and I love it. In my area it cost $30/mo. In the last 3 months, I’ve seen 26 movies for $90. Just $3.46 a movie, a good deal in any market. Yes, you do have to pay for your date separately, but I’ve had dates for several of those movies and my date never cared, or noticed as far as I’m aware. I like the idea of resetting the day at midnight, but quite frankly, the bigger issue is that there aren’t enough movies I want to see. One big advantage of this pass is that I no longer have to pay for my own ticket when I take my kids t the movies, a price I always resented because I don’t like kid’s movies.

  • unkystan

    I live in the NYC area where movie prices start at $13 (forget about any bargain matinees). I’m retired with a lot of free time and I love going to the movies. This is the best deal ever!. BTW, I despise reserved seating for many reasons and try to avoid those theatres. None of the reasons above pertain to me (and I’m guessing most movie goers)

  • The “complaints” are ridiculous. Moviepass is NOT a yearly commitment. You can do one month and stop if you choose to. If you see THREE movies in one month, you have MORE than paid for your Moviepass that month! How is that an “outrageous” price? If you want to see movies with someone, then BOTH OF YOU SHOULD GET A MOVIEPASS! And seriously, you’re complaining about the timing of your “next day” movie visit? Get over yourself.

    • Samantha Hubbs

      The first year is a yearly commitment, after that you can go month to month.

  • Jon

    Many of the points in this article do not apply to the movie pass a year later after this article was posted. I have had the movie pass for about 3 months and have seen over 60 movies, valued at over 700 dollars worth of films. I pay 35 dollars a month on a month to month contract. For someone who enjoys going to the cinema so much, I almost feel like I’m robbing the movie studios at an average of $1.75 I pay for each movie. I’ll let you know that I saw Star Wars on Thursday opening night, compliments from my movie pass, with my friend (he did not use a movie pass) and we sat togther in prime seats. Also, depending on what theater you attend you can use your movie pass in sync with their rewards, such as with amc stubs and the regal crown club. Everytime I use my movie pass at those theaters I get free points toward free stuff, like popcorn, drinks, and free movie tickets. Because I went to the movies so much I was able to give away free movie tickets to relatives as Christmas gifts. I was able to treat a date to a free movie, popcorn, and soda with my accumulated rewards, which might otherwise cost 38 dollars all together. I’ve also racked up over 30 dollars in rewards money through amc stubs. In a way this Christmas the Movie Pass saved me money in the gift giving realm. Also when seeing a movie, each day resets at 12 am. I’ve seen a late night showing one day and an early showing the next day within 24 hours. As far as cons to the movie pass, there is nothing worth complaining about. For the sake of nit pickiness, the movie pass doesn’t allow you to see special showings, such as the 25th anniversary of Home Alone or the Hateful Eight Roadshow in 70 mm. Generally all new releases are viewable with the movie pass at the majority of theaters. Also, the movie pass really only supports same day movie goers. If you like to purchase your tickets way in advance, that won’t work. Also, you have to have a smart phone to use the movie pass, which requires an app. There was an occasion where the app wasn’t working, which could have also been due to my phone.

    Overall, the limitations of the movie pass pale in comparison to how much you save in the long run. When I first saw this article, I thought it was a conspiracy to get people not buy a movie pass because its such a good deal. If everyone bought a movie pass and was only paying $1.75 a movie, how would blockbusters like Jurassic World or Star Wars TFA make money if the average ticket is 1.75, closer to cost of the original Star Wars tickets in 1977. When it comes down to it, this is not a scam. In fact this is probably one of the coolest ways I’ve spent 35 bucks a month in long time. If the movie pass worries you, don’t buy it. I say that because I want to keep getting free popcorn and only pay 35 bucks a month to see 20 movies. If you do buy it along with everyone else, there is no way the movie pass business can sustain itself at such a low cost, and have that be acceptable to movie studios. Perhaps, the Movie Pass is best kept a movie theater secret for those who do use it and save gobs of money.

    • G.I.Raffe

      June 2016 update: clock resets at midnight. Idea: friend ticket + MP is really only half price … especially after your fee has been reached for the month. Testimonial: I lost my first card and they reimbursed me for the movies I saw until my new card came (sent them picture of my tickets). Tech: My ability to get the “go buy your ticket” was troublesome for awhile. I called and they checked me in lickety split…AND helped figure out what t he problem was. We LOVE MoviePass. ?

  • CityBoyAtHeart

    I’m getting sick of these MoviePass naysayers. It is obviously for avid movie goers or at least regular film goers. Since the cost of movie had risen, in my area at least, to 13.50 a movie for 2D, you only have to watch 3 movies a month to get your money’s worth. I watch at the very least 10 movies a month. Even were I to quit during month 1 and pay the $75 early termination fee I’m way ahead.

    I think the early termination fees are completely reasonable. Otherwise you’d have people signing up for the the summer months, when a large percentage of the big blockbusters are released, and in September, cancel their account after seeing 10 to 20 movies for $90. No matter how you look at it, unless you only see 1 or 2 movies month, you’re getting your money’s worth. I can’t see anyone with even a bit of sense signing up unless they were regular movie-goers.

    I’m a fanatic. I’ve seen 125 movies since May 13, 2015. That $1656.25 over 14 months. I’ve spent $390 to date, $420 if you include this month which I won’t be billed for until the 26th. That doesn’t even include the ridiculous amount of free tickets, popcorn, candy and soda I’ve earned with loyalty cards. Even with the several times I forked out the extra $4 to see somethings on IMAX I’m still light years ahead.

    MoviePass’s limitations are more than reasonable once you learn how to plan for it. I do agree that resetting the clock at midnight would be preferable but it’s not a deal breaker. In my experience every theater I go to has last showings of all but a few of their films around the same time so if I do see a movie at 10:50pm there are sure to be at least three or four other films showing within 30 minutes to either side of that time. Unless you’re going 7 days a week you’re going to have at least a day or two when you can reset you viewing time.

    It goes the same for only seeing a movie once. If members were allowed to see movies more than once then the business model of the company would fail. People would see the same movie so many times it would be a uncontrollable expense for MoviePass which would mean they would not be able to continue as a profitable business. And get real people. EVERY business has to make money to keep running. Don’t expect something for nothing. I for one hope MoviePass is around for years to come.

    The math is simple. If you’re seeing movies 3 or more times a month then it well worth the membership, especially if you join the rewards programs. If you don’t see 3 movies or more a month why would you even consider it? Common sense people. It’s not rocket science.

  • Matt Buswell

    I was a long time believer in Movie Pass. I’ve had the subscription for more than a year and I’ve learned to live with it’s limitations. You learn to plan your movie going a little bit ahead of time and deal with the quirks of the app.

    I personally loved the service but I just got an email today out of the blue about some new “plans” they are rolling out instead $30-45 a month to see any 2d movie once per day it’s now become a “premium package” where you now get to pay a $100 a month for the same privilege except now you get to see 3d movies. I personally don’t care about 3d I think it’s a stupid gimmick to get you to blow more money. Or you can spend $50 a month and only see 6 movies per month at a rate of $8.30 a ticket. Which at that price you may as well just buy it yourself through online deals.

    Easy to say I cancelled immediately. I did a little digging and noticed they have just hired a new CEO. Didn’t take him long to run this into the ground. I find it ironic in the email that they talked about reaching out to the millennial generation with this. All they will get is cancellations because most like me can afford $30 maybe $45 a month for a luxury like movie pass but no way will anyone in my demographic pay $100 to deal with all the annoyances that come with movie pass.

    It’s really a shame because I did like the service but they way they are screwing their loyal customers in the back is ridiculous I already cancelled and I suggest you do the same.

    • Peter Kavanagh

      same thing happened to me. I came her eto find out if they raised everyones rates or just mine because I use it so much

  • Amelia Lancellotti

    BE CAREFULE OF MOVIE PASS: After being a loyal Movie Pass customer for a year and 9 months, I got an email that they are changing their plans. Gone is the $30/month plan for one 2D movie per 24 hour period. Instead there is $100/month plan for 2D, 3D, IMAX, … OR $40/month plan for 6 x 2D movies. So I can choose to pay $10 more for 1/5 the service … REALLY?! OR 3+x what I was paying before for essentially the same service (a movie per 24 hour period) … SERIOUSLY?! The 3D/IMAX is really NOT a selling point for me. Maybe 1 in 10 films released are 3D/IMAX. You really don’t need to see 3D/IMAX for a lot of films. I do not need to see Finding Dory in 3D or IMAX but a Jurassic World would be nice. For the handful (as in one hand) of movies per year that 3D/IMAX would REALLY make a difference. Seems like a bit of a BAIT & SWITCH to me. Also, I went on their website, I tried to sign up again like a new member & it quoted me my original plan but for $35. So the plan is still available for NEW customers, but not existing customers. That is great customer service.

  • Gnoht Mahp

    I just signed up with moviepass subscription for $35 a month for less than two weeks now and I love it. I plan not to cancel it, just because of an amazing saving I will receive in the next 12 months. Most of the theater at where I live charge $13 a movie, if I can plan to see 4 movies a week (if you love movies, 4 a week is a piece of cake to achieve) this will eventually save me $1,884 a year. This is no brainer for me.

    I think you can’t view the same movie more than once is fair, this will prevent those who would share their moviepass to a friend. I already recommended a friend to join so we can go to the theater together.

  • Leo Lopez

    Moviepass does not honor their commitments or promises and raises their rates without notice. I want to ask all current members and cancelled members to start a social media boycott. I believe we may have a case for a class action suit against you for leading us on stating “Unlimited Movies” and then punishing me for using my moviepass too much. This is fraudulent advertising. Promoting one price on the website and pushing out existing customers by tripling the price.

  • I think Moviepass makes sense for those who live in big cities where there are many movie theaters with plenty of movies to choose. In the small city where I live, there are in total 3 movie theaters in the region and there are 2-3 new movies every week. And I do not really watch every movie — Some are just not worth the time. I do not find it a bargain here.

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  • Rebecca Cochell

    the price is now lower to 9.95 a month and when you goto the show every week like i do it is worth the money. i live in a small town but have bigger city near 35 mins so i can goto any of 4 theaters and all play different movies at different times. so this is a great deal for me.

  • Greene

    Review is dated 2014, so many issues have been resolved and updated. Current rate is less than $10/month, with some discount specials from time to time. Co-worker got it and loves it. Only issue I can see from his discussion of the product is the pre-reservation online advising you want tickets, but at 15min. before a movie, so the theater has it in their system when you arrive, I guess. To do so, must have updated phone technology and I know not everyone has that. Will be checking out again, might buy for a year and see how it goes, considering there is an AMC-15 theater in my neighborhood.


    Article is outdated and totally false—None of these issues exists and Movie pass is only $10 a month or $6.95 if you pay for full year at once.

    Great DEAL and have the whole family on it–great deal!!

  • Daniel DePlanche

    These 6 reasons are stupid we love ours we are saving so much money and 3 of us go together

  • Su Ch

    Have used movie pass for 3 months. Great deal when I bought 2, for me and wife. It has worked ok till recently except for occasional glitch (frozen web site with spinning wheel for ever). It was easy, open app, find theater you are at, click on the movie, click check in. few seconds later you have message saying “purchase your ticket”. You go to the ticket window, pay with the movie pass card just like a credit card. You have the ticket. Like I said “occasional glitch until recently”. Lately many problems: They have instituted “submit a photo of ticket stub” but the process is absolute problem. On one of our account, it supposedly sent the photo but still locked the app. Can’t use it any longer until I hear from “support” sent them email, no way to call them.

    On the other account have been unable to log in. Keeps saying “check your credentials and try again”. Have been unable to reset password too, keeps saying “reset failed”. After an hour of numerous attempts I have given up.

    Worse thing is, no customer service. No way to call them. Emails, from past experience, I know will not be answered.

  • Lori Schwartz

    Was enjoying my movie pass with my husband (3mos gift) until the end of the 3 months. Recognized our emails as having inactive accounts but they could not be reactivated. Apparently we have to start the entire process over again with different emails? The fine print of the new offer seems to tie in with a music subscription service and only 4 movies a month. That’s not what I want a movie pass for!

  • Andy K. Liberman

    their “support” is non-existent….can’t get help as movie pass won’t work now on my iPhone and I can’t get them to correct it….BUT, they’re taking the monthly fee–absurd