A-Babies Vs. X-Babies Review

A-Babies Hulk

A-babies vs. X-babies is Marvel’s parody of it’s own Avengers vs. X-men event. It features the baby style art seen on Skottie Young’s variant covers for the new Marvel NOW! #1s. I really like these variants, so when I heard about A-Babies vs. X-Babies I was pretty excited. There may be some spoilers of the AvX series in this review so be careful if you haven’t read that.

This one-shot uses a lot of visual gags to parody AvX and the Marvel Universe as a whole. This issue succeeds at what it sets out to do, which is to be a fun read that doesn’t take itself or Marvel seriously. It’s written by Skottie Young, who manages to get some funny dialog in there. A lot of the humour is done through the art. Some of my favourite moments in the issue were baby Bruce Banner turning into baby Hulk and the appearance of baby Galactus.

A-Babies vs X-Babies Galactus
This shit is adorable!

They also managed to get a joke about Daredevil’s sight – or lack of- that referenced the seperation of Storm and Black Panther that happened in the AvX series after Namor attacked Wakanda. I also spotted a reference to the Avengers movie that came out this year.

The highlight of this issue was definitely the Hulk, who looked great and had a lot of funny moments. The art in this issue was the main appeal of this one-shot and it works perfectly. I definitely recommend buying this even for the art alone. It’s a quick fun read that you have no reason not to buy, except maybe a lack of money…

[Written by contributor Conor Johnston]

A-Babies vs X-Babies cover


Pencils by GURIHIRU

Price $2.99