A Heartfelt Thank You to Bill Nye

Bill Nye

A few days ago there was the “Creation Debate” where Bill Nye stepped up and accepted a debate with Ken Ham, who runs the Creation Museum in Kentucky. As an Atheist who grew up Catholic, I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to Bill Nye.

Many people in the scientific community have had a policy of not engaging people in debates about various religious topics because this somehow ‘elevates’ these topics and gives them validity. I couldn’t be more opposed to this line of thinking. To me, what gives something validity is when people believe in it. Now, that doesn’t mean if you think something it makes it true. However, if someone believes creationism is how the Earth and Universe came to be in their mind, to them, it is valid.

Ken Ham

It would be nice if more people used the scientific method before believing in something. I think the world would, if nothing else,  be a more open place if people strived to gain knowledge on subjects instead of just being told what they should think and parrot those responses back. For example, if you were taught creationism and then looked at the world and all the facts available, but they resulted in you thinking that the Earth was created a few thousand years ago and believing evolution isn’t real – at least you did some due diligence to flesh out what you believe, even if I don’t agree with you.

Those type of things aren’t going to happen if the people who oppose you will never even talk to you about what both  you and they believe in. If scientists won’t even allow someone’s idea to be ‘elevated’ by an open discussion, then why would anyone who believes in creationism ever want to learn more? Science is about thinking, about experimentation, about debate, and failure and finding answers. I certainly don’t think science should be exclusionary. If you want to do a study to prove creationism and you follow proper procedure, good for you. If nothing else, the scientific community should look over what you present and have an open mind.


And that’s exactly what Bill Nye did the other night. He had an open mind. Now we all know his stance on creationism, it’s well publicized but at least he showed up and said if their was evidence to contradict his beliefs, then he would change his beliefs. That’s how science is supposed to work. If you can create a repeatable experiment that proves something, people should take notice. No matter what that something is, you shouldn’t be shunned just because right now we think that particular theory is wrong.

Now, I’m pretty sure that you can’t come up with an experiment to prove creationism but maybe someday it will happen. If it happens in my lifetime, I’m willing to change what I believe in because I have already taken the information available to me and changed my beliefs once before. I changed because I had questions, so I went out and looked for the information. It would have happened sooner in my life if someone presented me with the information in the first place.


That’s what Bill Nye did; he said he would talk about what he believed and present it to the masses and allow the opposing viewpoint to have their turn to speak. Sure, some people won’t believe him, some will laugh at him, some may even think he will rot in hell for all eternity, but I would bet that at least a few people will be curious enough to do a little research on their own after this debate. That’s how life should work. Somebody presents an interesting argument and you do your own investigation, you think for yourself and you decide who and what to believe. Even if it’s not what I believe, at least you kept an open mind.

So thank you, Bill Nye. You eloquently explained what I believed and respected someone else’s viewpoint enough to allow them their time to speak on the matter as well. That’s how people learn to live together, even if they don’t have the same beliefs. People will always differ on things. With billions of human beings on this planet, it’s impossible for everyone to agree, but if you never allow people a chance to explain what they think and why they think it, it will only lead to resentment and hatred.

My mind didn’t change because of the event, but I bet there were many who will dig a little deeper now and that is going to make the world a better place. Again, thank you Bill Nye, for just allowing people to think differently than you or I do. There is no greater feeling in the world than to be given the respect of being heard. 

  • laboom

    Ive been watching discussions between both my fellow atheists and the likes of ken ham for over a decade now, and much as I used to enjoy these discussions (but no longer can endure), I actively refuse to call them ‘debates’, as is always the case with any creationists/fundy participation.

    As I find it: a debate is a contest between two legitimate people using facts and fault-finding in the other persons reasoning in order to (atleast attempt) to change the oppositions original position they walked in with.
    Thus I could never call something a ‘debate’ when one participant effectively walks in and announces that theyre a creationist and no amount of evidence or anything presented today or tomorrow will change that, even theoretically..

    Cringeworthy argumentation from such people always made watching any more than half of the discussions impossible
    (‘God did it in this unprovable way because I said so’, rinse and repeat)
    But open refusal to even pretend to consider otherwise makes these discussions (atleast for me) five seconds long…
    *video starts*
    *creationist verifies he has nothing but absurd conviction*
    *video is turned off*.

  • metaljared

    I personally agree with what Ken Ham has as not being “Legitimate” but to me that’s not really the point. I know what I believe and his type of argument isn’t one that’s going to change my mind. As Bill Nye said “evidence” is what would make me change what I believe in.

    However, lots of people don’t have a firm grasp on these concepts and having their basic belief “debated” is good for the simple fact they will look more closely into what they believe. Most people (like myself) were just simply told that creation was how things happened when we were very young. If you are never challenged on this belief you may need some impetus to think for yourself instead of just believing what your parents taught you as a child.

    So yes, laboom, I can see why it’s not fun to watch something like this event but I still appreciate the effort. More knowledge and discussion on this topic is good for the country and the world. I’m glad someone stepped up and did it.

  • Mikayla Carroll

    I agree with Ken Ham and like he said there is evidence of creation but it comes down to the main root of the problem and thats that people dont want to come to terms with the fact that theres a divine Creator and that they will have to stand before him one day so they reject it.Even though Jesus came perfect and sinless Son of God and died for our sins because He loved us,so where all we have to do is Believe on Him and we can go to Heaven with Him.”For God So Loved the world that he gave his Only begotton Son that whomsoever believes in Him should not Perish but have Everlasting Life”.

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