A Personal History of Devil May Cry


It was just another day after school. I wasn’t much of a scholastic child back in the day, so whenever I got home from school I would try my best to postpone my homework for as long as I could and just either watch tv or play some games (whenever I wasn’t grounded). My older brother’s room was right next to mine, and since my parents only bought me new games for my birthday and Christmas, I was dependent on my brother’s tendency to rent and borrow games from his friends.. One day when he was gone, I decided to scope out his room for hopefully a new game that he may have borrowed or rented (without his permission of course), and one PS2 game case sized case caught my eye right before I gave up my search. The funny thing about this case was that it didn’t have its box cover so imagine my surprise when I opened it and saw a PS2 disc labeled Devil May Cry 2, a game that I have never heard of, and a series that I had never heard of.


Keep in mind I was around the 4th quarter of 2003 and since I was born in ’93, I was around 10 when I played Devil May Cry 2, and since I wasn’t active in the gaming community back then, barely looking up gaming related things on the internet and didn’t know about gaming magazines back then. When I played the game it was like a breath of fresh air. Believe it or not but the hack n’ slash genre was new to me and Devil May Cry 2‘s fast and frantic gameplay had me sold. It’s pretty funny to me that Devil May Cry 2 is the DMC game that got me into the series since most critics and fans consider it the worst in the series, but maybe because the hack n’ slash genre was new to me at that age and since the game wasn’t broken it didn’t bother me. Fast foward two years and as I got older I was getting into more game related things like Game Informer magazine and looking up games online in my free time. After my experience with DMC2 I was practically stalking the upcoming prequel DMC3 up until its release.


Surprisingly I didn’t but it as soon as I could for two reasons, 1. My parents weren’t gonna buy my an “M” rated game, 2. I didn’t have the money for it myself since I obviously didn’t have a job. I was honestly disappointed until about 6-8 months later I had read and heard about Capcom coming out with a DMC3: Special Edition with an added playable character (Vergil), bonus survival levels, bonus video material somewhat similar to the Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence release minus the gag videos and a rebalanced difficulty all for $20! After constantly begging my older brother to buy it for me, I was finally able to get my hands on DMC3 and with the added features mixed with the better/upgraded weapons at Dante’s disposal, his personality in 3, and different styles in the game made the wait to get my hands on DMC3 worth it. The whole rivalry between Vergil and Dante was nice and as I stated before the diverse weapon selection made progression fresh and with all of the extra features the game had a borderline infinite replay value. DMC3 was and still is my favorite DMC game that I’ve played to date. Another two and a half years went by and after getting my PS3 a year before, I was patiently awaiting the release of the interquel DMC4.


After barely being old enough I was able to rent it day one from my local Blockbuster (remember that?) and immediately fell in love with a HD Devil May Cry. While I liked DMC4, especially the new character Nero, I didn’t like how though still fun, Dante’s playable levels were just rehashed from the first half of the game. Nonetheless, I enjoyed my time with DMC4 and felt it was another solid entry into the DMC series. At this point in the article you may be wondering, “when is he gonna talk about DMC1?”

Soon...I swear

Unfortunately that is the only Devil May Cry game that I have not had a chance to play due to obvious reason as stated earlier in this article but with the Devil May Cry HD Collection out I may be able to get my chance after all. That chance however will have to wait until after DmC: Devil May Cry. With the new approach Ninja Theory is taking with DmC, new setting it in an alternate universe and making the environment literally try to kill Dante any chance it can get will make for an interesting gaming experience..


Even with a new developer, DmC is shaping up to be another solid entry in the Devil May Cry series that fans will surely love.