Geekenstein Media is the online publishing company behind the geek culture website Geekenstein.com. We came up with the name “Geekenstein” after franticly throwing magnetized letters at a refrigerator and seeing what stuck. We were tired of feeling like we were following in someone else’s footsteps and wanted to create our own identity, so that’s why we came up with something a little more original than GamingCultureBlog69.blogpress.com™.

What we do: Our primary goal is to make online multimedia content fun again and give geeks a place embrace our amazing and diverse culture. The plan is to keep creating entertaining and engaging content that interacts with the geek community through news, original content and social events.

Jobs: Between the founders and staff, everything is done in-house. We can’t guarantee paid compensation at this time, but when we can, those who stick with us will be richly rewarded. Until then, writing for us helps you gain experience and build your portfolio. You’ll also be eligible for review copies of games, press screenings to movies, and even paid convention access. You have to walk before you run, but at least we giving walking some nifty perks.

Contribute: We have a contributor program in place to help writers contribute articles us if they don’t have the ability to commit to our staff-level requirements. One article a month will keep you in our books and eligible to come on our podcasts and pitch features in our exclusive Facebook contributor group. If you wish to progress up the ladder to be classified as staff, you’re expected to submit at least one article a week. Once you’ve proved yourself,  you will be given your own log-in to the site, an author biography and credit in the staff section. It will also give you eligibility for review copies, advanced screenings, and press passes to events. Due to legal reasons, you must be at least 18 to write for Geekenstein.com.

Contact Us: For advertising inquiries, general inquiries, and contributing opportunities please email us. We are based in the United States. David lives in Florda. Dustin lives in Missouri.

The opening song in our podcast is called “Super Mario Bros. Bowser is Pissed OC ReMix” and it was mixed by PriZm.

The articles and content posted on Geekenstein.com represent the opinions of their individual creators and not that of Geekenstein Media.