Adventure Mob relaunches Bolt Riley Kickstarter campaign

Bolt Rily Relaunched

Adventure Mob have relaunched their Bolt Riley Kickstarter campaign with a short 7 day window in the name of peace in the Middle East. While it could be easily considered a disgusting capitalistic move to take advantage of the disturbing events in the Middle East, Adventure Mob appears to be coming at this from a point of love and respect.

“In this harsh time of war in Israel, I decided to focus on creating a positive game experience and bring joy to our audience.” said Oded Sharon, Adventure Mob’s CEO, “and Bolt Riley does that with a story of peace, love, and of friendship.”

When I first saw the subject line of this email, I’ll admit that I rolled my eyes. Which is why I hope that our readers give it the benefit of the doubt and actually read the legitimacy of Adventure Mob’s claims. They are a developer out of Tel-Aviv, Israel, so they are right in the middle of the conflict currently tearing apart the Middle East. Not to mention that the lead designers, Lori and Corey Cole were the creators of the Quest for Glory series, which helped define the point-and-click adventure genre.

“Bolt Riley:­ A Reggae Adventure tells the story of a young man growing up in a very poor area of Kingston, Jamaica. He loves music, especially the Reggae sound and wants to become a singer. In the game you will play Bolt, and help him discover his inspiration. He needs to write great songs and put together a talented group of musicians. Bolt has to deal with some gang members who are asking him to performs acts of crime, but instead, he chooses a path of peace and goes against the violent environment he lives in, while helping out his fellow townsfolk, reuniting families, helping out an old lady with a cat, and bringing joy and harmony to his neighbors.” | Press Release

So we have a quality team working on the title and an admirable goal of creating a game not focused on violence and bloodshed like 95% of what is on the market. If the gameplay video above is any indication, we’re going to get a fantastic game out of this, so showering them with praise and support for trying something different doesn’t seem out of the question.