Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space gets a new trailer

We’ve already talked about how excited we are for Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space, but now there’s a new trailer that highlights more of what you’ll be doing while dealing with the eyeball horde from outer space. Now we know there’s more than just shooting enemies and wandering through creepy environments, which we might have been okay with honestly, and that is incredible news. This looks like the blend of action, exploration, and puzzle solving that you would want from a horror game.

The new trailer shows some point-and-click-esque inventory management along with a classic/dreaded pipe puzzle. Unlike most pipe puzzles, this one was in a three-dimensional space and looked to be more a test of logic than luck, as several of the pipes seemed like they may be redundant. It’s nice to see someone put a new spin on an old formula and even better to see it in a game that is much larger than this small element.

If anything, Albedo is starting to remind me a lot of Dead Space. Isaac may have been an engineer, but beyond using tools as weapons and clicking a ‘fix’ button, you didn’t actually do much engineering. If Albedo can deliver on all fronts of a character trapped in an environment like it’s promising, you can bet you’ll be hearing a lot more about it. Be sure to check back for more coverage and check out the game for yourself when Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space launches on Steam Early Access September 26th.