Alien vs. Predator gets Halloween Horror Nights house

Alien Vs Predator

Universal just announced that the latest addition to the Halloween Horror Nights Orlando house list is Alien vs. Predator. You (yes, you) will be able to walk through a battlefield as the two biggest predators in the universe wage war around you. Can you feel the fear yet? Can you!?

While the Alien vs. Predator property no longer holds any real sway over me thanks to the two awful movies and mediocre games of the past few years, giving me a haunted house filled with aliens (this week I learned that they are not called Xenomorphs) is the exact thing that I want. Sure, I would much rather be walking (or stumbling drunk, semantics) through the ravaged hallways of the Nostromo, while being assaulted from all angles by aliens and predators sounds pretty great too. I’ll see you come Halloween.