American Horror Story: Asylum “Nor’easter” Review

American Horror Story Asylum title card
Spoilers for American Horror Story below

Somehow American Horror Story went from that show I sort of enjoy to one of the shows I find myself genuinely excited for each week. We were left in such a precarious situation last week and I can’t really say we aren’t still in one. While Ryan Murphy may have said that this season was going to be more realistic, but that certainly is not the case. Yes, reality can be horrifying, but the strange narrative Asylum is weaving is so far from it and so fascinating that I’m glad there are demons, monsters and aliens.

That violent shove that Sister Mary received after the exorcism does seem to show that she has now been possessed by whatever entity was in that boy last episode. “Nor’easter” has her running around being all mischievous, trying to turn Dr. Arden and Sister Jude even further against each other. It seemed like fun and games until the Mexican patient sees the ‘demon’ in Sister Mary. She takes her back to her room and forces her to pray, then violently rips her throat open with a pair of scissors.

American Horror Story has never shied away from violence and that scene was especially brutal. It wasn’t the only one in the episode either. Back in the present, Channing Tatum’s wife tries to escape from Bloodyface, but right before he kills her, Adam Levine saves her and they attempt to escape after violently stabbing Bloodyface a few times. Further down the hallway, another Bloodyface kills both of them and takes his mask off to reveal some deranged guy. They think the stabbed Bloodyface is their friend until he stands up and goes after the murderers.

Kit and Grace play chess

It seems that every time Asylum attempts to answer something, it only reverses its answer. It really does seem that even though some douche bags dress up as Bloodyface and murder people, the real Bloodyface is some sort of monster. Dr. Arden shows how his life is centered around his ‘experiments’ so perhaps he is Bloodyface after all and he did something to himself to let him live for so long. I’m not sure, but I can’t wait to find out.

Sister Mary brings the ghosts of the past to Sister Jude, as she runs around haunted by the girl she killed with her car before she became a nun. Using this distraction and the movie night that is supposed to calm the patients from the storm, Kit, Grace and Lana attempt to escape. Grace, only overcoming her fear of Kit after Dr. Threadson discovers that her girlfriend seems to have been taken by the real Bloodyface. They manage to escape, but are driven back to the asylum by the creatures in the forest.

During the escape, Shelley is captured by Dr. Arden and the episode ends with him amputating her legs so she will never escape again. It seemed as if most of the ‘authority’ figures were affected by some sort of vibe Sister Mary was putting out, but regardless Dr. Arden’s actions were incredibly demented. His methods can’t possibly remain undetected much longer. While I have no idea what “Nor’easter” is supposed to mean, this episode was fantastic. I wholly applaud the tone this season has taken and I want to know what is going on. Give me the next episode so I can be dripped more information.