American Horror Story: Asylum “Spilt Milk” Review

American Horror Story Asylum title card
Spoilers for American Horror Story below

When I ask for more McDermott, they give me more McDermott, and that’s all I wanted. American Horror Story: Asylum has been the most narratively interesting show currently on the air. Its constant air of mystery has kept me hooked and it actually seems that it wants to answer the mysteries it set forth. While I did have my doubts, it seems that they’re finally starting to tie the past and present storylines together.

After killing the characters who were essentially their only two villains, while redeeming their third, I wasn’t sure exactly what they were going to do. When we see Bloody Face’s son, we see even more into the scope of his madness. Johnny has some serious mommy issues. After the prostitute he hires reveals that she just had a child and was specially hired because she was still lactating, I was expecting Johnny to kill her. He didn’t, but after she asked some very prying questions, he did start attacking, and his plotline ended this episode with his hands around her neck, so she may be dead after all.

In a surprising turn of events, as there are still two episodes left, Lana escapes in the first few minutes and the rest of the episode is the fallout from her reveal of all the horrible things happening at Briarcliff. The most surprising of all, Lana goes to the police then immediately goes to Thredson’s house, which is revealed to be the same place his son is living in the present, to stop him from escaping. He attempts to kill her, but she blows his brains all over the liquor cabinet, killing what seemed to be the last antagonist.

Dylan McDermott relaxes with some weed.
Dylan McDermott relaxes with some weed.

After Judy’s redemption, Lana is determined to get her out of Briarcliff and the Monseigneur informs her and the police that she has ‘died.’ Instead, he has locked her away in the asylum’s dungeon. Clearly getting raped by the earthly vessel of a demon has warped him into the villain for this last arc. If Lana isn’t going after the asylum, I don’t know who would, leaving Judy to rot until the asylum is eventually closed. Lana’s plot for these last episodes seems to be her raising Johnny and the eventual connection to the present.

What’s left in the past is the end to Kit’s story. His plotline started off so sloppy. Grace tells him that Alma is dead and that the child she birthed is theirs and Kit doesn’t even stop to mourn the loss of this wife. It’s such a switch from depressing news to the joy of a child in the same scene that nothing really registered. Kit was released from the asylum, which was inevitable since Thredson was publicly revealed to have been Bloody Face, but he still had to get Grace out. He pointed out to the Monseigneur that she was officially declared dead and made a deal to stay away from the press for her and his son’s release.

The ultimate reveal that his wife is alive and so is the child she was pregnant with, I wasn’t really surprised. Kit’s story would end otherwise, leaving two episodes to be filled with the end of Judy’s and the tie to the future and it doesn’t seem like those are weighty enough to fill that time. With what they revealed of the aliens this week seems to indicate that they are going to be explained before the season ends as well. There are two weeks left and I’m and going to miss Asylum when it ends.

Rating Banner 4