American Horror Story: Asylum “The Coat Hanger” Review

American Horror Story Asylum title card
Spoilers for American Horror Story below

Bloodyface is Dylan fucking McDermott! Not only is he Bloodyface in the present day, a fantastic opening scene with him in therapy (if you haven’t seen the first season, he played a therapist) reveals that he is the son of Doctor Thredson and has the same compulsions to skin people alive, but is worried he can’t surpass his father’s work. I’ve been waiting for the moment when they introduce Mr. Miso Soup himself, and this was the perfect way to do it. I only wish we got more of Dylan McDermott this week.

Sister Jude has been locked up. Sister Mary Eunice and Doctor Arden’s secret cabal, featuring the approval of the monseigneur, not only has put Sister Jude in the asylum as a patient, but now has blamed Leigh’s murder of Frank on her as well. She has lost her position and her appointment, with everyone that hated her or allied with her testifying against her. Once she finally became a force for good, she was struck down and put in one of the worst situations possible.

The one moment that proves Jude is down is not out happens when she runs into Lana. She apologizes and says that things will change, then she smashes the erie record that never stops playing. Thankfully, this weeks the episode focuses on Lana and Kit. I’ve felt like they’re the main characters, yet they have been mostly absent the past few weeks. Now they’re back in full force and the plot continues to get even more interesting.

He's back!
He’s back!

Lana finds out that she’s pregnant with Thredson’s child. In one of the most uncomfortable scenes of the show, we see Lana attempt to abort the child with a coat hanger, but a simple touch from the possessed Mary Eunice reveals that the child is an alive and healthy boy. She also seems to indicate that there’s something protecting the baby, but we know it will survive because of the McDermott in the present.

Lana and Kit conspire to free him from the murder charges and nail Thredson to the wall. They manage to get Thredson to admit to the crimes while secretly recording him, but he manages to escape from the makeshift prison. In the meantime, Arden approaches Kit about the aliens, since he encountered them in the last episode. He’s become convinced that Kit is the key to the aliens and, with Kit’s consent, is going to artificially stop Kit’s heart and revive him after the aliens show up to find out what’s going on with their golden boy.

Watching the aliens appear to Arden was fascinating. The episode also ends with the result of the monseigneur’s attempt to baptize Leigh earlier in the episode. Leigh, not free of his murderous impulses, seems to drown him in the baptism pool, but the end of the episode reveals that he has been nailed to the cross still alive. He begs for help and the angel of death makes a return appearance. Each week I continue to be thrilled with each episode. I’ve been waiting for Dylan McDermott’s appearance and they have woven him so perfectly into this narrative. I am craving the eventual conclusion of this fantastic season and it can’t come soon enough.

Rating Banner 4