American Horror Story: Asylum “The Origins of Monstrosity” Review

American Horror Story Asylum title card
Spoilers for American Horror Story below

Last week’s American Horror Story: Asylum was the best yet. The plot progressed in a natural way that still came as a complete surprise. It also left everything in a very precarious situation. “The Origins of Monstrosity” has to keep the balancing act or those plot lines will all fall and shatter. If what we’ve seen of the season is any indication, it will keep on balancing everything with a deft hand.

I have been absolutely enamored with this season of American Horror Story, but when I say enamored, I mean completely engrossed, yet constantly disturbed and in disgust of what is constantly happening. “The Origins of Monstrosity” did finally answer the question that was gnawing at the back of my head: “what the hell is happening in the present?” We see the police arrive at Briarcliff and lower the bodies of Bloodyface imposters. They also find Adam Levine’s body and a ringing phone in the hand on his ripped off arm. The phone seems to have the real Bloodyface on the other end, which still has yet to answer my other question: “who the fuck is the Bloodyface in the present?”

Back in the 60s we see that Dr. Thredson has turned his kill room into a bedroom for Lana, who is chained to the bed. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen a character I saw as a hero turn into such a vile being like Dr. Thredson. It’s fun having a psych major sitting next to you on the couch to announce the reality of the disorders everyone has. Of course, usually people don’t skin women so they can go back to what it’s like to have a mother’s touch, but I digress. While last season proved to me that people can and will die at a moments notice, I didn’t expect Lana to not die and completely give in to Thredson’s desires. Also, seeing him suckling on her teat was very uncomfortable.

Killer child and demon woman

I knew that the monsignor was an ass, but watching him strangle Shelley’s mangled body sealed the deal. Even though he tried to threaten Arden, he was already so deep in the shit, as Arden pointed out, that he couldn’t do anything if he wanted to. While Sister Jude did confirm that Arden was a Nazi doctor, she is going to be transferred because of her digging. The way she watched Arden drink the victory cognac made me think that she did something to it.

Sister Mary Eunice had the most to do this episode. She watched over a little girl abandoned at the asylum because her mother feared that she killed another little girl. She did and Sister Mary saw right through her lies, stating that she was the devil. I’m really curious, especially because of what we saw in the preview, to see what exactly is in Sister Mary. It’s clearly something demonic, but my experience is from Supernatural, so it could be the devil. Either way, she’s twisted and evil and I hate that I love her demented demeanor.

I didn’t think that “The Origins of Monstrosity” had the weight behind it that last week’s episode did, but it was great nonetheless. As happy as I was to see the present again, I wanted to more of what was happening to Kit and Grace. You can only show so much in an hour though. Even though it’s disturbing and dark, American Horror Story: Asylum is one of the best shows currently on the air. If you’re not watching it, you should be.