American Horror Story: Asylum “Unholy Night” Review

American Horror Story Asylum title card
Spoilers for American Horror Story below

As soon as this week’s American Horror Story started I was getting visions of Black Christmas and Santa’s Slay. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your love for terrible horror movies) Asylum doesn’t venture into the cheesy holiday horror fare. This week we open on a flashback with one of the asylum’s more violent inmates going on his tear that gets him thrown in, dressing up like Santa Claus and murdering parents in front of their children.

Yet another gruesome start for this fantastic series, this time at the hands of Ian McShane. Sister Jude had him locked away in solitary confinement, knowing full well what he was capable of. Unfortunately, Sister Jude is no longer in charge of the asylum and not only does Mary Eunice let Leigh out of his confinement, she gives him a Santa suit to get him in the ‘Christmas spirit.’ As you can imagine, he does.

Frank the guard is now incredibly depressed after he shot Grace. He wants to notify the police about the creature in the kitchen, but Doctor Arden asks him if they want to know that he shot Grace and he doesn’t seem to care. Arden seemed to form a pact with Sister Jude, two enemies joining together to take down a common, more powerful foe. What she didn’t know was that Sister Mary Eunice already has Arden in her pocket and is using him to take her down.

American Horror Story Unholy Night

The demon inside Mary Eunice seems to be planning everything down to the tiniest detail. Leigh loses his grip on reality again and now that he’s back in a Santa suit, takes the star from the Christmas tree and slices open Frank’s face, and later when Frank is putting him back in solitary, slices his throat open with a straight razor, silencing him for good. We’re losing all of our ‘heroes’ and if last season is any indication, I’m starting to think that everyone is going to end up dead or incapacitated in some way by the end of this season.

Lana finds that Kit is back at Briarcliff and tries to team up with him to take down Bloodyface, who Kit now knows is Doctor Thredson. Thredson also makes his return to the asylum to deal with the escaped Lana, but something good finally happens. Lana and Kit beat the shit out of Thredson and lock him in a storage room. Finally, something good seemed to happen. Bloodyface is temporarily out of commission. All while Doctor Arden attempts to dispose of Grace’s body, but a flash of light shines down on him and some alien hans barely sneak into the frame.

While I may have had some doubts before, there is no way that the aliens aren’t real. They keep showing up to multiple characters. Even then, there are still so many questions left unanswered. We have five episodes left and each keeps me on edge. Demons and aliens be damned, we still have to deal with the Bloodyface problem. There’s still someone wandering around the present day skinning people and we have no idea who it is.

Rating Banner 4