American McGee’s Spicy Horse Slows Akaneiro Development

akaneiro_demon_hunters_shigemori_river_screenshot_02American McGee, much like the country he has been named after, has come into financial troubles. In an update posted to the Kickstarter page for Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, the famed Quake-maker broke down the financials after two years of ongoing development on the title, and revealed that less than $100,000 has been generated since the title’s Kickstarter was completed nearly a year ago. This is in spite of F2P microtransaction hooks and the game being put up for sale for $10 in Steam’s Early Access program. Having spent a significant sum more than that on the game, Spicy Horse is forced to slow development to a crawl with only two people actively working in a support capacity.

This news comes in the same week that Double Fine is celebrating the successful release of Broken Age. Well, the first half of Broken Age anyway. Kickstarter, despite producing some interesting and fun titles, is not the magic elixir that a lot of game developers saw it to be when Tim Schafer first latched onto the platform. It will be interesting to see if and when Akaneiro is ever actually released, or if Spicy Horse has a different definition of Early Access than most other developers. The game seems to be fully playable on their website inside the browser, although there were only four players online when I checked in. Simply put, Early Access continues to be ill-defined and confusing, and Akaneiro might exist in some sort of half-developed-but-released-and-accepting-money limbo for some time to come.