PAX East 2013: Apotheon Interview and Preview

Apotheon is a game that is fascinating on a first glance alone. As stated in the interview, it couldn’t help but catch your eye if you walked past it on the PAX showfloor. The Greek pottery art style is unlike any other game I’ve seen, the closest comparison would be Muramasa: The Demon Blade or Okami’s painted style. Striking visuals don’t make a game, but they certainly differentiate it from everything else on the market.

Actually playing it reveals a depth that 2D combat systems generally ignore. Instead of growing a combo number, every attack has weight to it. You have to draw back your weapon to strike, making timing and approach critical. It gave every encounter a different level of strategy for the format, one appreciated in an indie scene filled with 2D action platformers. It doesn’t decrease the speed of the action, but forces you to take what seem like the natural movements of these figures into full account.

What’s impressive is that Apotheon is set in a sprawling, open world Mount Olympus and it is rife with secrets. A large open world isn’t unusual for modern games, but seeing it in this incredible artstyle gives even more reason to fully explore it. What was shown is more than enough of a hook to interest anyone that Apotheon is a game to watch out for.