Aquaman 15 Review

Aquaman 15 review geekenstein

This issue of Aquaman follows on from after Justice League #15. It begins after the Atlantean attack on Gotham City with Aquaman rescuing Commissioner Gordon and Harvey Bullock from the water because he saw their ‘light’. There was also a nice moment when Aquaman mentions that Gordon was yelling “Barbara.” The issue fits in well with Justice League #15 and I think that this crossover is going to and has already benefited from having Geoff Johns be the writer on both Aquaman and Justice League.

Aquaman 15 Panel

The art is nice but I’m already beginning to miss Reis on this series but after reading Justice League I’m thinking he’ll be a better fit on that series. However, I do like how the new artist, Paul Pelletier, draws Batman.

The writing in this issue is as good as it is in Justice League and it’s definitely necessary to be reading both series to get the whole story of Throne of Atlantis. Unfortunately the art is not as good in Aquaman as in Justice League but that isn’t an insult to Pelletier but more of a compliment to Reis’s fantastic artwork on Justice League.

The ending of this issue has me eagerly anticipating the next issue in Throne of Atlantis and if you aren’t reading either Justice League or Aquaman I would recommend starting getting both now.

Rating Banner 4


[Written by contributor Conor Johnston]

Aquaman 15 Cover


Written by GEOFF JOHNS



1:25 B&W Variant cover by EDDIE BARROWS and EBER FERREIRA