Kickstart This! – Armikrog


We don’t make a habit of promoting Kickstarters on Geekenstein, but I feel that Armikrog is one of those special cases. I have been an avid fan of claymation since I was a kid. It is such a painstaking and detailed based art form that is far too unappreciated. In the mid to late 90’s there were two excellent games that were made from clay: The Neverhood and Skullmonkeys. Their interesting art style and great gameplay cemented them in the minds of anyone who played them. Not only that, but what is already a fascinating form of animation is compounded exponentially when you consider just how much animation and effort has to go into making claymation work for a video game.

If you’re worried about a team coming in and screwing up the spiritual successor to The Neverhood series, it couldn’t be in better hands. Pencil Test Studios founded by and staffed with the former creators and developers of The Neverhood including Doug TenNapal, who you might know better as the creator of Earthworm Jim. Armikrog is entering its last day on Kickstarter and is so close to hitting its goal. It would be a shame if this project never saw the light of day, so I implore you to check out the project and contribute if you find it anywhere near as interesting as I do.

Armikrog on Kickstarter