Arrow “An Innocent Man” Review

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Spoilers for Arrow below

So far Arrow has been good, it’s not an amazing show, but it definitely could have ended up being a lot worse. The story and action keep it from being another DC Comics related flop. Even with that said, most of “An Innocent Man,” was on point, but other times things seemed off. The story involves Oliver trying to save a man named Peter Decklan who had been wrongfully convicted of murdering his wife. Oliver learns that Peter Decklan was framed by Jason Broduer, whom Peter Decklan’s wife was working for before her death, and of course Oliver sets out to get rid of this man. He knows that he can’t do it alone, so he enlists Laurel’s attorney skills to help him do so. Oliver stays in contact with Laurel via his Arrow persona and even though its never explained, via a voice changer. In the end Oliver, along with Laurel, are able to free Decklan of all charges and have Broduer put away as well.

Arrow "An Innocent Man"

Along the way we get to see more flashbacks of Oliver’s time spent on the island, this time with it focusing on Oliver’s first kil,l which happened to be a chicken by hey, every great killer starts somewhere, right? Oliver’s old bodyguard Dig is recovering from the previous episode’s Deadshot fight and even though Oliver takes him to his hideout and offers him a chance to help him with his goal, Dig ultimately says no and quits the job. Oliver gets a new bodyguard, but the new guy has a harder time keeping up with Oliver than Dig did, which was one of the episode’s comedic highlights since, for some reason, Tommy is nowhere to be found.

Oliver’s new bodyguard ends up quitting also by the end and, thankfully, Dig reconsiders, since he feels the need to want to fight for something important again, but lets Oliver know that he isn’t just gonna be a sidekick. While Oliver and Dig were talking earlier in the episode, Dig discovers that Deadshot was the one who killed his brother mentioned in the previous episode, something that still haunts Digg to this day. I’m really glad that they gave Dig more back story instead of just being the token black character of the show and, no, I don’t count Laurel’s friend.

Arrow "An Innocent Man" Oliver and Digg

More things about Oliver’s mother are discovered through the fact that she disguises a $2.6 million dollar withdrawal as a start up venture, but it turns out the money was actually used to store the wrecked ship that Oliver, his father and Laurel’s sister were on five years ago. Oliver’s mother is also seen towards the very end of the episode secretly meeting with a mysterious man who mentions that Arrow is not just going for wealthy people, but people who they have things in common, also known as the people in Oliver’s little black book.

The episode ends in a tense cliffhanger, as Detective Lance bursts into the Queen mansion to arrest Oliver because he was caught on tape taking out his costume in the previous episode. After watching this episode twice, I ended up liking it more the second time. It seemed like a thriller episode at first, but important story elements were revealed throughout the episode. I’m still sad Tommy was not in the episode, but at least Thea, aka Speedy Queen, didn’t act like a spoiled little girl in this episode, so that’s always a bonus. The story was good, the action was good, but some of the dialogue seemed to take a hit in the process, with certain lines just taking me out of the experience or just sounding off.