Arrow “Damaged” Review

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Spoilers for Arrow below

After the shocking conclusion of “An Innocent Man,” I was looking forward to seeing how Oliver would handle his Arrow persona possibly being discovered by none other than Detective Lance and how this could have affected Olive’s relationship with his family and better yet, Laurel. The main theme present throughout this entire episode, besides the fact that the public could have found out about Oliver’s secret identity, was that Oliver’s possible PTSD issue comes back into the focus of the story. We’ve seen in past episodes that, yes, Oliver is a little messed up from his time spend stranded on the island, but I feel that besides the first episode, the show hasn’t really touched on it as being “important” as they have with this episode. Before now, Oliver’s various short showings of PTSD could be considered an afterthought by viewers. Since Oliver gets stuck on house arrest and is being watched by the police, he can’t don his Arrow identity, and this situation seems to have come at the worst possible time since there is a notorious gun smuggler in town.

Oliver Queen Arrested in Arrow

Oliver has to meet up with lawyers and face Detective lance along the way, who is trying his best to have Oliver convicted and exposed. In a funny twist of events, he insists that Laurel be his defense attorney, which causes another fight between the two. All while this is happening, Oliver is keeping tabs on the gun smuggler and asks Digg to don the Arrow outfit and confront the buyers of the gun smuggler to help with his alibi. Things work out in the end and thanks to Digg’s effort, Oliver’s alibi is accepted, much to Detective Lance’s dismay as we later see him in a drunken stupor at a bar (Queen: 1, Lance: 0). Oliver may have gotten more than one off on Detective Lance before, but I haven’t been keeping count.

Oliver and Laurel discuss his case on Arrow

While having to prove his innocence in front of Detective Lance, Oliver had to relive some of the time he spent on the island and more of what he went through was shown in the episode via the usual flashbacks. Oliver is captured and meets up with a man named Edward Fyres, who the audience can assume is a mercenary, but it’s never really elaborated on who exactly he is, but the one thing we do know is that he wants to find the man who has been looking out for Oliver, Lian Yu. After Oliver repeatedly tells Edward that he dosen’t know who Lian is, Edward knows Oliver is lying and pays him back with a torture from none other than Deathstroke himself. I noticed that Deathstroke had both of his eyes, so at the point of the flashback he may not be the Deathstroke comic fans know him as yet. Nonetheless Oliver is saved by Lian at the last minute and he decides that since Olive didn’t expose his location, that he is a lot stronger than Lian believed.

Deathstroke the Terminator in Arrow

Oliver explains most of what happened during a lie detector test with Detective Lance and Laurel in the room as well. Laurel is surprised to hear these things, since she didn’t know what Oliver was going through and what he had to endure on the island which leads to her and Oliver sharing a kiss mainly out of being ‘in the moment’ right before Laurel realizes what just happened and leaves in an ‘oh God what have I done’ manner. Another story arc was taking place while all of this was happening as well, going back to when Walter discovered the wrecked ship that Oliver and his father were on back in episode four. He tries to send security to move the ship to a different location, but the man Walter sent turned up dead by ‘coincidence.’ Oliver’s mother tries to tell Walter not to get into it, because it can have dire consequences, but even with the warning, Walter becomes even more persistent on finding out the truth. Towards the end of the episode, he decides to leave the house for a ‘business trip’ and tells Thea that he dosen’t know when he will be back. The whole confrontation signaled a possible separation for the two in the future, or because of what he’s getting himself into a possible death in Walter’s future.

In the last five minutes of the episode we get to see Oliver as Arrow and finally confront the gun smuggler and after taking out his goons utters what I consider his catchphrase now before using his arrow to end the life of the gun smuggler, “You have failed this city.” This episode was a good recovery from the previous episode in terms of the dialogue and story elements shown. While the dialogue still stumbles every now and then, the action and story is what is keeping this show interesting for me, and hopefully it will stay that way until the end of season one. Oh and P.S, where is Tommy?