Arrow “Legacies” Review

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Spoilers for Arrow below

Ever since I started watching Arrow, I’ve been waiting to see if they would slip up, not because I hate the show or want it to fail neither of which are true, but I feel that so far the show has been too good to be true with its story presentation. While not award winning, Arrow went from being a show I just wanted to review, to a show that I patiently await new episodes for. “Legacies” isn’t an episode where they slip up in the story department, but at the same time isn’t an episode that features much of an important place in the overall Arrow story.

The episode focuses on a group of bank robbers who hit up various banks in Starling City after doing the same in other states. Oliver dosen’t care about this happening since he dosen’t care about street crimes, much to Diggle’s dismay. Oliver’s so focused on the journal of billionaires who ruined Starling City that he can’t see that those “street crimes” can be or become just as bad. All while the series’s signature flashbacks show Oliver back on the island hallucinating about his father and almost killing himself because he didn’t think he was able enough to do the task his father left behind for him.

After more arguing Oliver eventually decides to go after the robbers, whom we find out is actually made up of a family. The father used to work for Oliver’s father, and since Oliver’s father was just as bad as the men on his list back in the day, he decided to close down one of his business areas which left the other father broke and homeless along with the rest of his family. Oliver finds out and tries to help him out, but he refuses, mainly because of a dumb pride thing. This pride really came to bit him in the butt later in the episode because during their “last” operation, the father jumped in front of a cop trying to shoot his son saving his son’s life, but ending his own.

Oliver blames himself for this before Diggle gives him a little word of encouragement, telling Oliver that his father would be proud of him. All while this is happening, Tommy (thank God he’s back) is still trying to get with Laurel, bringing back that possible love triangle I missed so much, and in a funny turn of events, Tommy ends up asking Thea aka “Speedy” for advice on how to get with a girl in a different way than he’s used to. Since Tommy kept names out of it this makes Thea believe that she’s the one Tommy is talking about, leading into what seems to be more of what I like to call “Thea’s cry for love and affection” but this time around it didn’t bother me and I ended up caring for her.

The episode also featured a little side character story between Oliver and mother Queen, since she feels that she dosen’t know her son anymore (I honestly can’t wait for her to find out who Oliver really is), though episode does end with the two reconciling. This episode of Arrow wasn’t as fulfilling in the story department as I wanted it to be, though it still had the trademark action. This episode is the first that seemed “skippable” to me.

  • Is the group of robbers the Royal Flush Gang? I don’t see Queen and Ten.