Arrow “Lone Gunman” Review

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Spoilers for Arrow below

Coming out of episode two, Oliver Queen decides that in order to keep his promise to his father to protect Starling City, he’ll have to pretty much piss away his father’s legacy and act like a typical spoiled idiot rich kid. Episode three, “Lone Gunman,” starts off with Oliver’s usual comic book-esque monologue detailing his next millionaire target, but right when he gets there to confront him, his target is assassinated by none other than Deadshot, who I was personally surprised to see show up in this episode because as far as I knew he was a Batman villain, but I could be wrong. Oliver then makes it his top priority to take down Deadshot, mainly because even though they both have a goal of dealing with millionaires in Starling City, Ollie wants to do it to make the city a better place, Deadshot is just in it for himself.

DC comics villain Deadshot appearing in "Lone Gunman" on Arrow

Along the episode, Oliver has to deal with his rebellious sister who still complains about being hurt that Oliver left her and the family those five years ago. At this point seems like she’s acting out as a desperate cry for love and I hope the writers end this about her character soon. One interesting thing that Oliver’s sister did do, however, was finally spill the info that Oliver’s best friend and his former girlfriend that he is trying to make amends with were sleeping together while Oliver was presumed dead. Oddly, Oliver was okay with it and, to me, it would have been wrong for Oliver to get upset with them for doing it, except for the fact that they’re friends and things could just get more complicated in the future. After watching this episode I keep seeing a possibly love triangle for these characters in the future, especially since there have been a lot of scenes from episode one too now of Laurel being alone and Tommy always somehow being there to her surprise.

Another thing fans may enjoy was a little glimpse of Dinah “Laurel” Lance beating up a guy in a club, which showed of a little pre-Black Canary in her. Oliver also comes up with a slick way to make his civilian life and Arrow life more convenient by trying to buy a warehouse that is conveniently located above his hideout and turn it into a club. During this scene and one that lead right after the club scene, I didn’t really enjoy how Oliver’s bodyguard referred to Oliver’s friends as “rich white boys,” and how his bodyguard’s sister-in-law, after seeing Oliver and his friend, had to for some reason acknowledge them as “white boys.” Those parts of the episode bugged me because since there isn’t a larger black to white ratio in the show, it was kind of uncalled for and I felt that the dialogue focusing on race was just cheap for the only two black characters in the show. Oliver eventually learns of Deadshot’s location thanks to Russian friends, who seem to be apart of some mob or secret society, and confronts him. Deadshot gets away from him but leaves a laptop behind and Oliver takes this opportunity to get more intel from him.

Oliver tries to get some files from Deadshot's computer

Thanks to a cute IT girl cracking open the laptop, Oliver learns that Deadshot is actually working for a rival company to the one Mr. Steele, his father-in-law, is up against to try and buy another company. Deadshot’s job was to eliminate all competition at a gathering. Oliver knows that he can’t protect all of those people alone, so he decides to “enlist” the help of Detective Lance and as much as Lance does not want to help Green Arrow, he knows innocent lives are more important than taking down Green Arrow. Deadshot eventually sneaks his way across a building to get a good sniper’s distance from the party and starts one of the most shocking shootouts I’ve seen on tv In a while.

Green Arrow and Deadshot in "Lone Gunman" on Arrow

Deadshot shows no mercy to his targets, with even some being older women, but thankfully Green Arrow shows up to his hiding spot and takes him out in a somewhat anti-climatic way. Somehow Oliver’s bodyguard makes it up to the same spot, but with a gunshot wound to which Oliver acts fast to take him to his hideaway to help him, the bodyguard eventually sees Oliver’s face in costume which leads in to what will be an interesting fourth episode for Arrow, since Oliver does not want a single person knowing his secret. So far, I’ve gone from not caring for this series to actually getting excited for new episodes. “Lone Gunman” in particular didn’t suffer from as much stiff dialogue as in past episodes, but I felt that it still fell flat in certain areas. There were more comic relief moments in this episode that didn’t feel forced and I actually enjoyed them, especially from Tommy, since his character could have been messed up so easily, but he’s slowly turning into one of my favorite characters on the show.