Arrow “Muse of Fire” Review

Spoilers for Arrow down below
Spoilers for Arrow down below

Coming out of Thanksgiving break and after having a surprisingly average filler episode, “Muse of Fire” brings in something interesting for Oliver Queen and does some fan service for DC Comics fans out there in the form of Oliver Queen’s ‘soul mate,’ Huntress in her TV debut.

“Muse of Fire” opens up with Oliver riding to pick up his mother after a meeting. Right after he gets there, a mysterious biker rides up and eliminates the man Oliver’s mom was walking with. Oliver tries to catch her, but ends up barely missing her and leaves his almost shoot mother behind. Oliver’s mom gets a mild concussion and is bedridden for a while, leaving Oliver to investigate why someone would try to kill his mother. Oliver learns that it wasn’t his mother the assassin was after, but rather the man behind his mother who worked for a mob boss. We later see that the mysterious assassin is in fact Helena Bertinelli, aka Huntress, who is on a quest for revenge, similar but not exactly what our hero Oliver is doing.

Oliver's "Other Half", it'll make sense later.
Oliver’s ‘Other Half,’ it’ll make sense later.

Now I haven’t read a lot of comics featuring Huntress, but from what I saw in Arrow, her character is at least 90% accurate to her comic book counterpart, which fans should enjoy. Oliver learns that Helena’s father wanted to make a deal with his mother but she constantly refused, being the man that Oliver is, he uses this as a way to get close to Frank Bertinelli. When Oliver suggests the two working together, Frank uses this same opportunity to try to get his daughter to seal the deal with Oliver, aka pimping out his own daughter. After going out on a forced date the two quickly find out that they have more in common than they thought, since both feel alone. Oliver also learns of Helena’s dead fiancée during their date to which we learn more backstory on Helena. After the two have a satisfying date, Oliver is informed by Diggle that Bertinelli’s men are making rounds to squeeze out their ‘protection’ money to which both Arrow and Helena dressed as the biker from before intercept, leading them to fighting each other and Oliver taking off her helmet to discover it was Helena the whole time, much to his surprise, and Helena escapes.


Oliver later finds her in a cemetery where her fiancée was buried, but the two are soon kidnapped by Frank Bertinelli’s men and held hostage in a warehouse. After a short questioning, Helena reveals that she is trying to sabotage her father’s organization due to the fact that her father found a laptop with info incriminating himself and his organization, and since Helena’s fiancee was new, he assumed it was his doing. Helena admits that it wasn’t her fiancee trying to sabotage them, but she herself was the culprit and wanted revenge for her fiancee’s death (this was also possibly something she wanted to do as repentance for feeling guilty since really it was her fault). Helena and Oliver eventually break free of their holding and deal with Bertinelli’s men, Oliver sees Helena about to kill one of them but is to late in stopping her to which she responds with: “No one can know my secret.” After that line I couldn’t help but laugh a little inside while also thinking, “twins!” to myself as well.

Both leave the scene to which Oliver, disguised as Arrow, goes to where Helena lives and to his surprise she figures out who he is after seeing Oliver fight back at the warehouse. The rest of the dialogue leading up to the end consisted of Oliver trying to save Helena while she says some cheesy lines along the lines of, “no one understands me”, and in CW fashion the episode ends with the two having sex. Before closing, there was another subplot going on involving Tommy trying to woo Laurel more, but in a shocking twist halfway through the episode after Tommy gets his trust fund cut short, we see that his dad is none other than the “well dressed man” aka the man we see Oliver’s mom have those mysterious conversations with, making this a nice plot twist and hopefully a nice future plot twist between the characters in future episodes.


While the character of Helena and her relationship with Oliver grew chessy at times, this was another good episode of Arrow and I’m anxious to see where their relationship goes as well as the relationship between Tommy and Laurel.

Rating Banner 4