Arrow “Vendetta” Review

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Spoilers for Arrow below

Part two of the ‘Huntess Story Arc’ was interesting, it didn’t go in the direction the fanboy in me wanted, but in the end it went in the direction it needed (at least that’s what I tell myself). Starting immediately after the end of “Muse of Fire,” “Vendetta” shows Huntress still on her quest of revenge against her fiancee killing father by instigating a fight between the mob and the Triads. She tries to take out a group of Triads to get them further into wanting to destroy the Bertinelli crime organization, since each party blames the other for their member’s deaths. Oliver ends up stopping her from killing anyone and when she tries to say that he does the same, Oliver tells her that he only kills when necessary (something myself and our editor can both laughably disagree with). Continuing his quest to save her, Oliver brings her along on one of his ‘busts’ to show her how helping the city, not just getting revenge and killing people left and right, can be just as good.

TV Huntress...
TV Huntress…
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…My TV Huntress

Her official Huntress outfit is more contemporary than what I was expecting but fits with the slight “realism” of the show. As well as taking her on busting the bad guys dates, Oliver even trusts her enough to bring her into his hideout, much do Digg’s dismay, causing him to go m.i.a for the majority of the episode. Besides the Huntress story arc, we also get two more sub stories going on through the episode involving Tommy dealing with now being a 99 percenter and Walter still snooping around the mysteries surrounding his suspicion of Moria and his discovery of the crashed Yacht, with the help of Felicity aka the hottest IT girl you’ll ever see. Tommy, with the help of Laurel who he is still trying (successfully I might add) to get with, asks and lands a job at Oliver’s club conveniently located above his hideout.  After seeing how Tommy was in this episode and how he was in last week’s episode, this could be the setting up plot for his transformation into his comic book counterpart, or at least I really hope so.

At the same time because Oliver, for some reason, brought Helena to Laurel’s sister’s grave to show a semblance of their struggles of guilt, and because of an awkward double date between the two and Tommy with Laurel, Helena realizes that Oliver still has feelings for Laurel, causing her to ditch the goodie act and get back to her violent revenge plan against her father. Because of prior instances, the Triads finally make their move on the Bertinelli manor causing a huge gang war fight and among the chaos comes Huntress finally revealing to her father what she has been doing all these years.

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Before she can finally kill her father, she is interrupted once more by Oliver (surprised?) and the two have a short and small fight before Oliver ultimately subdues Huntress after Helena’s own father shoots her with her own crossbow. It’s sad that we didn’t get a chance to see Oliver take down father of the year but instead takes a wounded Huntress back to his hideout who later says is still hellbent on killing her father and will expose Oliver’s Arrow identity if he tries to stop her. In a touching ending similar to when Oliver had lunch with Moria, Oliver and Digg are discussing what happened and Oliver admits he was wrong to pursue Huntress in an attempt to save her. Digg also slightly hints at having feelings towards his brother’s widow (how can that possibly be weird right?). This was an interesting ending to the Huntress story arc and I’m looking foward to seeing more of her in later episodes. I’m also curious to see where Tommy will go in terms of  his character, will he finally turn into Merlyn before the end of season one? I can only hope so.

Rating Banner 4