Asteroids: Outpost is a massively multiplayer sandbox survival game that’s going to expand upon Asteroids’ rich lore and world


In an announcement no one saw coming, Atari has revived the iconic Asteroids series as a massively multiplayer open-world sandbox survival game… on Steam Early Access, nonetheless. It appears to be right at home with the abundance of other massively multiplayer sandbox survival games on Early Access.

In Asteroids: Outpost, players take on the role of deep space miners surviving on the surface of an asteroid by mining for resources to upgrade and customize their space base and equipment. Partnering up with friends will play a huge role in the game, as the forging of alliances and hostile takeovers are highly encouraged.

Asteroids: Outpost

While Asteroids: Outpost could not sound more unlike an Asteroids game, Outpost’s Executive Producer, Peter Banks, is trying his hardest to win over fans of the retro classic. In an interview with VentureBeat, Banks says that the latest installment in the Asteroids series “evokes classic gameplay without specifically reproducing it.” He goes on to say, “[Atari’s] goal with Asteroids: Outpost is really to expand the world of Asteroids beyond a single gameplay mechanic and explore the wider context of the game.”

Back in my day, when a game was called Asteroids, it involved the shooting of said Asteroids and nothing more. We never had the need for a world beyond a handful of pixels – that is what our imaginations were for. In theory, there is nothing wrong with expanding on Asteroids non-existent world, but I am having a hard time finding any excitement for what is essentially just another addition to the bane of Early Access. If Atari’s 2005 NARC reboot has taught us anything, it is that some games are not meant to be expanded upon.