Article Header Skyfall Review

Skyfall Review

Apparently, MGM’s financial woes couldn’t have been a bigger boon for its biggest money-maker. Using the forced hiatus since 2008’s Quantum of Solace, the James Bond franchise was able to nab a fantastic story, an eye-popping director and a riveting villain for its 23rd entry into the saga: Skyfall. It was time well spent. From […]

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Article Header Seven Psychopaths Review

Seven Psychopaths Review

Colin Farrell and Sam Rockwell star as best friends Marty and Billy. Marty is an alcoholic Hollywood screenwriter trying to write an original screenplay entitled “Seven Psychopaths” and Billy is a dog kidnapper who teams up with Hans (Christopher Walken in his best role in years). Our heroes run into trouble when Billy kidnaps the […]

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Looper movie review image

Looper Review

The real star of “Looper” is writer/director Rian Johnson.  Rian Johnson’s Looper is explosive in how blasts beyond the structural confines of the science fiction genre. Johnson is that special type of director and storyteller who doesn’t allow himself to be creatively limited in an way, a character trait he showed with great aplomb with Brick and even more […]

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