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Alex Santa Maria

Review | Drive to Hell

When you think of first person shooters, you tend to think of hulking space marines barreling down a corridor. When you think …

Review | Screencheat

It’s funny to think that just over a decade ago, game consoles hadn’t yet harnessed the power of online gaming. When titles …

Review | A Golden Wake

A Golden Wake is a traditional point and click adventure game that works overtime to establish its authentic Floridian atmosphere and tell its story.

Review | The November Man

The November Man is a grim, dark slice of violence that takes itself as seriously as a documentary despite its cheap action flick-style plotting and personas.

Review | Obludia

If you miss dank and cavernous dens lit only by CRT monitors and enhanced by the smell of greasy food, then Obludia is definitely a game to watch out for.

Aperture Tag Review

Some may be put off by the idea of purchasing a mod, but anyone who takes the plunge will be surprised by just how well Aperture Tag plays out.