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Jared Brazil

Facebook, Bro Culture

“Bro Culture” Isn’t Hurting the Tech Industry, Generalizing Is

We are starting to see a recurring theme regarding bad things being said about “Bro culture” and how these types of things need to be stopped because it’s hurting all of us. Here’s the thing, bad people hurt us all, not “bros,” or any other group of people for that matter.

felicia day

Felicia Day’s Haircut and You: Shut the Hell Up

The world is just chock full of people who will meet your personal preferences when it comes to style, or beauty or whatever. However, when a person, who is not you, makes a decision on what they look like it is absolutely none of your business.

A Heartfelt Thank You to Bill Nye

Bill Nye stepped up and accepted a debate with Ken Ham, who runs the Creation Museum. For doing so, we should all take the time to thank Bill Nye.

Shitty Rambo

Rambo: The Video Game Looks Worse than Gonorrhea Feels

In RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME: Machine of War, it appears that you play as a poorly rendered human being that looks nothing like Rambo (except for the red headband) as he murders his way through somewhere, for some reason.