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Hapa Games Ep 6 : Darts

What’s a Indie game studio to do when they need to relax. Destroy walls with plastic darts. We join Hapa Games once again to see them relax for a bit.

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Josh’s Top 10 Games of 2013

2013 was the year of the PC for me. I traded in my Xbox 360 for a Nintendo 2DS and a wired Xbox Controller. Yeah, things have changed.

Hapa Games

Hapa Games Ep 5: Garage Sale

What do you do after launching a Kickstarter and graduating college. Obviously, you move into a garage and develop games.

Hapa Games

Hapa Games Ep 4 : Kickstarted

In the fourth episode of our developer interview series, David and Josh learn about what Hapa Games are doing before they launch their Kickstarter.


Dungeon of the Endless Preview

In Dungeon of the Endless, you must travel through randomly generated dungeons in search of the exit – all while defending a crystal from the creatures from the depths.


Hapa Games Episode 3: Week 7 Update

Goals are appearing, money is disappearing, and David is still wearing that Haunted Mansion shirt in the third episode of our developer interview series.

Hapa Games

Hapa Games Episode 1: Origins

David and Josh join Hapa Games’ Ben Crocker and Brian Widman to discuss the origins of their studio and the creation of …