Broforce Rises Beyond Its Stupid Name

broforce_logo_neotrailer_20131104_1569548262I am a noted fan of stupid things. I own an office chair that Billy Mays used before his unfortunate passing. I own a poster for The Room signed by Tommy Wiseau himself. However, even I have my limits, and naming a game Broforce is pretty close to that limit. I understand what they’re going for, but the “Bro” culture is best in small doses, and PewDiePie certainly hasn’t done it any favors. That being said, everything past the title screen of Broforce is incredible. A Contra/Rush’n Attack type game starring a cast of characters that puts The Expendables to shame, Broforce is over the top violence at its finest and a breath of fresh air for anyone who’s still living in the age of radical action movie goodness.

As it stands now, the game starts you off as Rambo (stylized as Rambro for obvious reasons), and as you traverse through terrorist camps blowing goons and dogs away, you rescue the rest of your team one by one from their cages. The team includes parodies of such action luminaries as Conan the Barbarian, The Boondock Saints, Robocop, Ash Williams, Snake Plissken, The Terminator, and more. Each character possesses both a unique special and secondary attack. For example, if you’re playing as Robocop, you can charge up your pistol for multiple shots, or you can hit the grenade button to scan the battlefield for mooks and then fire homing shots towards them.  It’s clear that the developers are huge fans of these films, and each character feels completely faithful to the source material.

Broforce_on_the_helicopterLevels are maze like, with plenty of places to stay out of sight of stray bullets or plan ambushes. Every character has a ludicrously high jumping ability and can scale walls like Super Meat Boy, so traversal is a breeze as long as your reflexes are fine tuned. This is helped even further by the completely destructible environments, allowing Bros to shoot through walls and tunnel their ways under enemy encampments, only to burst out under them and slit their throats. Bros are fragile, but every cage you open gives you an extra life and changes your character, keeping the variety up and allowing for new strategies to emerge. After planting Old Glory all around the levels, you “Get to the Choppa!” and cause massive explosions for no particular reason as you are airlifted to the next level.

In addition to the campaign, there is also a speed running Explosion Run mode and a Deathmatch mode, and all of them support four player local and online co-op. Considering how much chaos and carnage just a single character can perform in any given level, four player modes quickly consist of finding ground that isn’t actively exploding and hoping to jump forward before it explodes. It’s magnificent fun, and makes you hate your friends in the same way that co-op Mario games do. Broforce also has an in depth level editor with plans for Steam Workshop support, so if this game takes off, there will be plenty to do for the foreseeable future.

The only quirk with the game is that it lacks any type of character select at this time, instead choosing random characters for you every time you spawn. As I stated before, it does keep the variety up, but it’s also annoying to go up against a helicopter wielding only McGuyver’s TNT rather than John Matrix’s rocket launcher. However, the game is still in development with new characters and features being added all the time, and after seeing what already exists, I can’t wait to get my hands on the final product. Broforce is available for preorder from The Humble Store and comes with a beta version of the game to play through. It has also already passed through Steam’s Greenlight process, so it will be available wherever fine PC games are sold when it’s ready to rock.