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Broke and Bored: The Continent of the Ninth Seal

We bring you the premier of our first video series. Broke and Bored chronicles David and Dustin’s sessions as they use copious amounts of alcohol to overcome their lack of money and venture into the uncharted territory of free-to-play games.

In the first episode they tackle the recently released on Steam, The Continent of the Ninth Seal.

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Co-Founder of Geekenstein Media. Consumer of media, writer, accountant. David spends his time taking in as much media as possible when he's not wondering why more people aren't talking about pinball.
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  • Craig Kandiko

    LOL, Dustin, you sound more pervy than I do.

    • Dustin Triplett

      Hey, I learned from the best. ;)

  • Shane Peltzer

    That seriously was like every F2P game I ever played lolz. Great commentary guys.

  • Femnazi

    HA HA do more of these please.