Call of Duty: Ghosts – All There is to Know

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As someone who takes video games seriously it is an almost instinctive reaction to dry-heave and punch something as soon as the CALLADUTES gets mentioned – a reaction I’ve maintained for every CoD game after MW2. Not only did they never live up to the hype, I was never even captivated by the hype in the first place. I’m not at all ashamed to admit that it has been very different with Call of Duty: Ghosts, and the recent campaign trailer gives me nothing but further confidence in the game.

Being someone that is the opposite of an American, specifically a dirty bear-riding vodka-consuming Russian commie, the FUCK YEAH ‘MURICA message of the trailer is not diminished one bit simply because it’s so relentlessly and hilariously awesome. Of course it’s a bit weird how the dad just up and decided to sacrifice his son for his country, but HOORAH, I guess? Absolutely more important is that not only are there terrorists in space, a dog trying to throw a person out of a spiraling helicopter, and an elk, there is not one, not two, but THREE instances when people are rappelling down on different occasions! To top it off, there are two people thrown over railings through the course of the trailer and two handguns dropped simultaneously in slow motion!

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And if perhaps you’ve been scoffing at this title out of sheer ignorance here are some things that this game is bringing to the table that is far from the previous installments:

  • Dogs that the player can use for distractions, attacking and friendly cuddling.
  • Destructible multiplayer environments
  • Cosmetic multiplayer outfitting options
  • Cool vaulting and side-leaning
  • A squad – up to 10 different characters under the umbrella of one gamertag that will look different, have different equipment and will gain experience separately
  • More advanced player-like AI so now even bots will be camping sons of bad words
  • Cranked game mode – one has to kill within 30 seconds of the previous kill or face spontaneous explosion
  • Squad vs Squad: one player and his AI squad is pitted against someone else in the same position
  • Horde mode
  • A new engine! And only 8 years and 8 titles after its first use!
  • WOOOMEN! Women will now be playable characters. There’s nothing groundbreaking about this but it is most likely the first time that a casual dudebro will shoot a lady in the virtual face.

Together with improvements that finally seem substantial enough to change the CoD multiplayer experience and a story that seems to be focused on more stealthy and secretive field operatives, the game looks a lot more promising than most of its predecessors seemed in their day. I am convinced that this game will finally redeem The Dutes in the eyes of many and will finally be more than what could easily just have been a weapon or a map pack for CoD 4. Are you excited about it because that’s just what happens every year? Has this installment finally aroused your interest? Are you still skeptical and maybe even hateful towards it? Please let us know in the comments below!

  • Mrteapot

    Can’t wait love cod

  • Timpar3

    One more thing they added in, finally, that was missing for awhile.

    Quick scoping is NO longer an option. They finally hotfixed the perfect accuracy glitch of being scoped in for a millisecond.

    • Mrteapot

      Having played since cod 2 idc quickscoping been a silly noob gimmick to me to justify camping

  • Trollzor

    “A new engine! And only 8 years and 8 titles after its first use!”
    And it still looks like last gen graphics.


    Not the first time women have been in a FPS.

    Urban Terror

  • cdrexx

    battlefield 4 … need i say more?

    • Tim Green

      please don’t..

  • Mrteapot

    Alot of people really despise the franchise, understandably it’s recycled but why mess with perfection!

    This game will do on to make millions, and I still can’t get enough of it and neither can you! Yes im pointing at you, yes I know battlefield before you say it. But fps fans got a soft spot for cod

  • PissedOffSmoker


  • Tim Green

    haterrrrs coming to this page just to hatttte. go away haterrrs. go back to playing halo or bf. bf was a shit game in my opinion. nothing matches cod’s online experience. fuck you if you disagree.

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