Capcom is remaking Resident Evil for current gen


Yes, you read that right. After the abysmal Resident Evil 6, we quietly assumed that Capcom was taking Resident Evil back to the drawing board to, hopefully, bring it back to the horror roots that gave the series the fanbase it spurned over the past two main entries. Whether or not that is happening is still unclear, but what we do know is that they are remaking Resident Evil 1 again.

Apparently the great remake for the Nintendo Gamecube isn’t up to the current gen standards. That, or they don’t feel like recoding a Gamecube game for PC and current gen, since they can’t charge a mid to standard price for a game with a retro port.

I loved Resident Evil 1-4 when they released and even though I have gone back to play them again, I can still appreciate what they did in spite of their awful by modern standards control scheme. While another trip down memory lane with improved visuals isn’t a bad thing, with the incredible horror resurgence in the indie scene, I’m not sure if I want to play a visually updated Resident Evil instead of Amnesia, Darkwood, Daylight or any number of games.

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