Captain Earth Episode 8-14 Review

Anime, Bones, Captain Earth, mecha, studio bones, Takuya Igarashi, Yōji Enokido

Bones’ Captain Earth has entered its second cour of its full run, and has devoted this set of episodes to not only showing us what the Midsummer’s Knights can do, but what the Planetary Gears have in store. With a few new surprises and members running about Tanegashima, Daichi and crew will need to be on their toes as more avatars awaken, and it truly begins a summer wherein Captain Earth’s tagline, “I opened the door called truth. My childhood ended.” rings more and more truth with every episode.

This batch of episodes are fun to watch because we not only get a bit more backstory on both sides, but the teams are assembled, but one’s still a bit wet behind the ears, and the other’s not quite equipped to deal with a full force. The Kill-T-Gang is capable of handling Daichi and Teppei, but with two additional pilots at Tanegashima, they need some backup. A majority of this cour focuses on Amara and Moco awakening avatars that are on Earth. Setuna, Zin, Ai, Lin, and Baku each get their episode and signifigant character development. Unfortunately, during these few episodes, after seeing the same setup and premises again and again, it gets stale; until Lin and Baku’s. Yōji Enokido’s writing does a fantastic job realizing that the stories may be getting repeated and stagnant, and changed up the formula at the right moment to keep us enthralled.

Anime, Bones, Captain Earth, mecha, studio bones, Takuya Igarashi, Yōji Enokido
Does this rag smell funny to you?

In the end though, Captain Earth is still a Bones mecha show, so the Knights and newly arisen avatars have their own Gears to combat one another, and it’s a dazzling show. Emotions, reactions, and drama unfold as the two groups continuously wage countless war after war after war with one another, filling in the time until the ultimate battle will show itself. Baku and Lin’s stories especially show that while the avatars and Planetary Gears are indeed evil and should be stopped, on the other hand, they’re filled with grief or getting something from the Gears that they can’t get anywhere else. Baku’s story is a two-part episode, and is particularly worth noting.

The rest of the Gears (Jin, Ai, and Setuna) are a bit more practical and predictable to understand, but even while all of this is happening, other rumbling on Earth with Design Children. The children are part of the grand scheme of things are another entity that the Knights must confront and uncover the truth behind. While all of this may seem rather convoluted and heavy, Enokodo’s writing and team help keep the story focused and entertaining through this batch. Sadly, the strain of episodes ends on a forced, dramatic note, but happily also with a ridiculous action sequence. I’ll take the good with the bad and continue on with Captain Earth, but now that the playing fields seem to be even, I hope the final episodes leading to the finale will be worth the ride.

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Rating Banner 4