Cars Do Car Things in Latest Forza 5 TV Spot


The Forza series has always been home to some of my favorite racing games. I could never get into Grand Turismo, but I was able to jump right into Forza and hit the ground driving. Most gamers consider those two franchises to be bitter rivals, and for good reason; they are both system-selling exclusives that keep each other on their toes. Personal preferences aside, it’s undeniable that Turn 10 Studios and Playground Games have been treating the series with the respect it deserves, as even the Forza spin-off Horizon was nothing short of a fantastic arcade racing fun.

To much of your surprise, I cancelled my Xbox One preorder a couple of months back because I wouldn’t have been able to afford both the PS4 and Xbox One at launch. Since all my friends are giving the Xbox One grief, I figured siding with the PS4 this November would be the most sagacious decision. But out of all the Xbox One launch titles, nothing has made me question my decision more than Forza 5.

Since November 22 is creeping up on us, Turn 10 and Microsoft have released a new Forza 5 TV spot to get us further revved up for the next entry in my favorite racing series. The TV spot is thirty seconds of cars doing what cars do best. You know, being fast and stuff. Vroom, vroom. Oh, and looking pretty!

If being too realistic and beautiful is such a thing, Forza 5 most certainly has been cursed with a case of the lovelies. It’s like car sex, with every detail on the cars miraculously recreated from their real-life counterparts. While the slogan  “Only possible on Xbox One” is a load of hogwash, knowing the game will run gloriously in 1080p at 60 frames per second manages to give me a little hope for the console’s future. Only time will tell, but I look forward to getting my hands on Forza 5, whenever that will be.