Casanova Review

Casanova reviewCasanova is a tale of love unlike any other. No princesses have been stashed in castles and there are no waves of enemies to slaughter to save your beloved wife-arm. Instead, you are armed with with the power of kisses and a long retractable neck.

Wait… what? Yes, Casanova is one of the simplest Flash games I’ve ever played, but it also one of the cutest. From the design to the audio, it’s a wonderful experience I can see myself coming back to time and and time again.

Casanova review 2

Casanova (Browser)
Developer: Ferry Halim
MSRP: Free

Casanova is a giraffe with a big heart. He simply wants to spread love. In today’s world, I think we could all use a little love. All you have to do is press a single button for his neck to grow and releasing it lets it shrink down to its original form. The goal of the game is to kiss as many female giraffes as  possible or the occasional monkey trying to steal a smooch. As Casanova trots along, he can collect power-ups that line up all the giraffes mouths with his, creating a line of adorable smooches to be had.

Casanova is proof that the power of love always prevails. Unless, of course, you’re in love with a crack whore or your alcoholic cousin. You can play Casanova here.

Rating Banner 5