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The Amazing Spider-Man #1 Review

The Amazing Spider-Man #1 is a double-sized issue, triple if you count the included Inhumans #1, and the majority is better than Peter’s recent film outing.


Collider #1 Review

 Fringe was a television show that was a cross between a police procedural and hard sci-fi.  The show slowly became one of …


Regular Show #1 Review

When I was growing up most of the comics based off of shows were pretty reasonable to say the least. Comics based …


Ten Grand #1 Review

I watched Constantine twice. I got over Keanu’s acting about an hour in, but the concept a guy who battles the forces …

Dead Space: Liberation

Dead Space: Liberation Review

Dead Space: Liberation gives the backstory of Dead Space 3’s new playable co-op character John Carver and exactly why he’s tangled up …

Dead Space

Dead Space: Salvage Review

After the first Dead Space comic and in spite of Downfall, I was excited for more tie-in content. There is a decent …