Chew #30 Review

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Here we are, at the halfway point of my own personal favourite series Chew. If you’ve been reading the amazing series that is Chew you know that Tony Chu’s sister, Toni Chu, is getting married. If you haven’t been reading Chew, first of all why not, and well… now you know about the whole wedding thing going on because I just told you about it. This issue is about the wedding. Well… sort of.

Chew 30 Panel

Rob Guillory’s art is amazing as usual. His cartoony style fits the tone of the series perfectly and I really love all the little touches that he puts into the background of scenes. The art really makes the book unique and brings life to Layman’s writing in a way that I don’t think another artist could do as well as Guillory.

Chew 30 Cake

In the 30 issues the series has had it’s turned from a light-hearted comedy-police series with a unique premise into something a lot more serious yet it still remains light-hearted. Layman manages to write issues that balance comedy, drama and action in a way that none of those aspects feel forced. This is done very well in this issue despite the drama being very serious.

As we go into the second half of the series on a very dark note I think that the second half of the series could be as good if not better than the first half. If you’re not reading Chew you should definitely start right now but not with this issue and if you have been reading then be prepared for something pretty dark in this issue. This issue also comes with a bonus poster cover FOR FREE!

Rating Banner 4


[Written by contributor Conor Johnston]

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CHEW #30


art & gatefold cover ROB GUILLORY


32 PAGES / FC / M


“SPACE CAKES,” Conclusion