Contrast Interview with Guillaume Provost

There were two games at PAX East that you couldn’t help but be drawn to through visual style alone. Contrast was one of them and had the added plus of excellent sound design to please your eyes and ears all at once. Compulsion Studios have crafted a fascinating game set in noir/art deco blend of Paris and has you playing as the main character Dawn’s imaginary friend Didi. Dawn has a particularly rough childhood and uses Didi as a way to escape it.

Didi has the ability to turn herself into a shadow, flattening against walls and enabling her to navigate to otherwise unreachable locations. She also collects light cores that can power machinery, turning on new light sources and changing the shadows in the environment. The demo we were given gave several instances of this and worked in a way unlike anything I have played before.

Contrast is a dark game, but seen through the whimsical eyes of a child. I had the chance to sit down with Compulsion’s Guillaume Provost and discuss the ideas behind it, his time in France that inspired the setting, getting song licenses and much more.