David’s Top 10 TV Shows of 2012

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The television landscape is undergoing so many changes in response to the Internet. We’ve had fantastic shows cut down before their prime and terrible shows get 90 episode orders because they’re cheap and the masses enjoy turning of their brains. 2012 is a year that has brought some amazing shows and here are my 10 favorite.

Souffle Girl, you have won my heart.
Souffle Girl, you have won my heart.

10. Doctor Who

If you know me at all, you know that Doctor Who has been on my list every year since it returned. I love the series and this season has been a good step up from last year’s. Rory’s dad was such a great addition to the supporting cast before we said farewell to Amy and Rory. “Asylum of the Daleks” was one of the best episodes of Matt Smith’s run. While it’s been difficult for the Christmas specials to top “A Christmas Carol,” I thought “The Snowman” was interesting and a great way for Souffle Girl to win the audience over.

Green Arrow's costume in Arrow

9. Arrow

I was not a fan of Smallville and Arrow seemed like it was just a hasty way for CW to fill that void, but I was wrong. While not exactly a gritty, realistic take, Arrow is a violent, conspiracy filled take on Green Arrow reminiscent of the proposed film that had an undercover Green Arrow breaking out of a super villain prison. Arrow has been fantastic and I am patiently awaiting for it to return from its winter break so that I may again watch Oliver Queen perforate bad guys with arrows.


8. Sherlock

BBC’s Sherlock has stunned me with its quality since it premiered. Season 2 was a surprising step up from the already incredible season 1. A modern version of Sherlock Holmes sounds like a terrible idea, but the BBC and Steven Moffat proved us wrong (Elementary is also pretty good). Sherlock shows that quality television is popular and makes money. If only Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman weren’t busy with their film careers so season 3 would be here sooner.

I mean, come on, Joe Biden was on Parks and Rec.
I mean, come on, Joe Biden was on Parks and Rec.

7. Parks and Rec

Parks and Rec originally seemed like The Office, but set in local government. It quickly outshined The Office and is one of the most consistently funny shows out there. I’ll take April Ludgate and Ron Swanson over Jim Halpert and Michael Scott any day. The relationships between April and Andy and Leslie and Ben have given the show a fantastic emotional core. While the future of Parks and Rec may still be up in the air, as long as the laughs keep coming I’ll be on board.


6. Awake

Out of all of the shows premiering and cancelled in 2012, Awake stood out as the best. What seemed like a run of the mill cop show quickly evolved into a show about alternating dimension with a completely unreliable narrator. Whether or not Michael Britten was insane may never be revealed, nor will exactly what was going on with the other dimension jumper, nor what the third reality means, but what we do have is an incredible 13 episode run that can stand on its own.

Breaking Bad

5. Breaking Bad

As the Emmys consistently indicate, regardless of the season Breaking Bad is a fantastic show. While it is disappointing that we have to wait until summer 2013 to see the second half of season 5, the first half we were given kept the bar high. The journey of Walter White has been one of the most fascinating on television and Vince Gilligan and the team should be proud. Walt may have decided to quit making meth, but we have to wait to find out if Hank really did figure out that he’s Heisenberg.


4. Louie

Louie and Parks and Rec were both shows that took me two tries to get into, but I am so glad I gave them another chance as they’re some of the best comedies on television. The freedom Louie C.K. has to make this show is almost inconceivable and it has resulted in a truly spectacular show. Its blend of sitcom stories and stand-up comedy results in some of the funniest material I’ve seen. Like Sherlock, Louie’s next season is going to be delayed a bit and I am chomping at the bit for more.

American Horror Story Dark Angel

3. American Horror Story: Asylum

I enjoyed, but was incredibly thrilled by American Horror Story. I went into Asylum expecting more of the same and received and intricate, disturbing thrill ride. American Horror Story did what Heroes was supposed to and ditched the first plot line and moved on, and it was the smartest decision they could have made. FX rivals AMC for the best dramas on the air and Asylum is a strong point for them. Who knew the creator of Glee had it in him to make one of the most disturbing television shows.

Tron Uprising Logo

2. Tron: Uprising

I love Tron, I always have. The original resonated with me as a child and Legacy was the sequel to Tron I expected and wanted. When Disney announced they were making an animated show I was excited, but cautiously optimistic due to the prequel nature. I should have trusted Disney to make a fantastic show, even though they have completely mistreated the airing of it. Tron: Uprising is violent, deep and everything I could possibly want. If any show on this list deserves another season, it’s Uprising and I hope that Disney doesn’t murder the best thing to happen to the Tron franchise besides Olivia Wilde.

Gravity Falls Waddles

1. Gravity Falls

While Tron: Uprising may have had franchise recognition, Gravity Falls had a pedigree of shows I wasn’t interested in. What Gravity Falls turned out to be was easily the best cartoon on the air, surpassing my love for Adventure Time, Regular Show and South Park. It’s the perfect blend of content for both children and adults, with the jokes going over the kids’ heads being simply awareness of the world and not due to their mature material. Gravity Falls is brilliant and I watch it as soon as it airs. What other show, besides Community, has treated video games with such respect and love? Also, Waddles is one of the greatest cartoon animals ever.

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