Dead Rising 3 is Coming to Steam


Word has leaked out via NeoGAF concerning another possible E3 announcement. Dead Rising 3, Capcom’s ridiculous free-roaming zombie killathon is coming to Steam now that its job as being the only notable Xbox One exclusive is finished. The PC version was outed by a since deleted Steam database page which includes Steam formatted images. This method has been fruitful in the past in confirming PC releases for titles such as Batman Arkham Origins: Bloodgate, Battleblock Theater, and Half Minute Hero 2. 

I’ve always had a bit of a lukewarm relationship with Dead Rising. I love its attitude and its gleeful cartoonishness, but its timer mechanics have always rubbed me the wrong way. Why build this playground of death and then scold the player for goofing off inside it? Thankfully, Dead Rising 3 seems to solve some of these issues, and its craftable vehicles and impressive enemy mobs have me giddy with excitement. If this is coming out in 2014, it is a welcome addition to a pretty sparse release list, and I’m in on release day.