Deadpool #63 Review


A lot of Marvel series ended this week, one of these was Deadpool. I’ve been a fan of Daniel Way’s Deadpool series, but I have to say it has declined in quality since issue 55, except for the odd issue. I forgave the dip in quality because I thought Way might have been building up to a great ending. Unfortunately it seems that I was wrong. This issue feels like Way had to rush through the end of the series to finish it in time for the Marvel NOW! relaunch.

This issue’s story is not great, which is a shame. There was a predictable twist related to a bomb made by Deadpool and a cliffhanger that isn’t really a cliffhanger. The villain for the final arc is a woman who was wheelchair-bound after Deadpool caused an explosion where she was working undercover. When we were first introduced to her 2 issues ago, I was not convinced about her motivations for wanting to kill Deadpool and I was glad to see Deadpool calling her out on it. He explains that she “rolled the dice and lost.” So if you think about it this character and to an extent this arc was completely unnecessary. It only really led to the reappearance of Evil Deadpool whose only function in this issue was to show that the serum used by Deadpool to gain mortality doesn’t work.

Deadpool 63 art panel
I guess Deadpool ate a magic sandwich that turned him into Mr. Fantastic

Unfortunately the writing wasn’t the only mediocre part of the issue, the art was also not great. Characters looked out of proportion and some of them were too thin and the corridors on the airship looked like they had been twisted out of shape.

I think that maybe Way had better plans to end this series but then Marvel NOW! interfered with his plans and forced him to finish his series early. It’s a shame that a good run had such a disappointing ending. I’m still looking forward to the new Deadpool series after the preview I read earlier on in the month.

[Written by contributor Conor Johnston]

Deadpool 63 cover




32 PGS. Parental Advisory