Dexter “Helter Skelter” Review

Spoilers for Dexter below

“Tell me tell me tell me come on tell me the answer” are lyrics from “Helter Skelter,” a Beatles’ song and, quite frankly, not only the name of Dexter’s last episode but a kind of thematic guide for the seventh season of Dexter. Last season when Debbie Morgan discovered that she was in love with Dexter there was a collective gasp. How would this possible incest dynamic play out was a question that was on many viewers’ minds; instead of answering that directly, the writers of Dexter decided to reveal Dexter’s dark passenger to Debra and this season has been a culmination of these reveals. In the last episode she revealed the true extent of her feelings towards Dexter only to shock him, not to mention complicate things since he is having a romantic liaison with another serial killer that Debra loathes.

In fact one of the more interesting plot points of the seventh season of Dexter has been the thawing of Dexter’s interior and there have been multiple factors that have caused this change in Dexter. First of all, as mentioned above, is that Dexter has found love again – but this time he feels like he can truly exist without hiding his true self. Yet, at the same time, Dexter still remains our loveable sociopath with little understanding of the human psyche or emotions. In one of the more funnier scenes in the history of the show is in this week’s episode when Dexter explains to Debra his sister how logical her feelings where by using a comparison of M and M’s, even though they are unhealthy for him he still occasionally eats him – and to top it all off, he starts texting his serial killer girlfriend while talking to Debra. Our loveable killer is more comfortable with blood than love.

Furthermore, in “Helter Skelter” the conflict between Isaak Sirko and Dexter finally comes to an end. And not in a horrific and gruesome manner; instead we are treated to a heartwarming scene where Sirko, while dying from a gunshot wound not afflicted upon him by Dexter, explains how love is the most important thing in life and how stupid Dexter was for not telling Hannah how much he cares for. Fast forward we seeing Dexter in a John Lennon-esque pose, where Hannah is the hospital-bed ridden Yoko and he reveals his deep feelings towards her.

All in all this was a good episode of Dexter, it had plenty of deaths which is an important staple of the show. However, I was a bit dismayed by Dexter’s killing of one the contract killers – it seemed to out of character and not meticulously planned. However, one could easily argue that the writing staff did this intentionally to exhibit Dexter’s feelings for Hannah and that they are bringing him out his comfort-zone. Another interesting point is how Captain Laguerta seems to be closing in Dexter as being the Bay Area butcher. The final three episodes seem to promise epic television material.

[Written by contributor Marvin Dupree]