Donald Duck confirmed for Disney Infinity 2.0

Donald Duck comes to Disney Infinity

As a Disney nerd, it’s still hard to believe that I didn’t love Disney Infinity. Don’t get me wrong, I respected what it was trying to do – create an interactive ecosystem that actually justified the purchase of additional toys that didn’t suck. But in the end, Skylanders: Swap Force’s gameplay was simply better. However, it’s impossible to not fall in love with Disney Infinity’s influential toybox mode.

My main complaint about Disney Infinity was the lack of classic Disney characters in the game. Their influence was everywhere, hinted at, with easter eggs galore, but not a single one appeared at launch. I held out hope and we eventually got Sorcerer Mickey, but he came into the game’s life cycle and remained the only classic character to find his way into my hand.

When Disney Infinity 2.0 edition was announced, I found it hard to care when the only Disney that matters to me didn’t appear to be getting treatment it deserves. If it’s not Pixar, it’s Marvel or some other live action property that’s about to see a major motion picture release. I was assuming Star Wars would be the next property announced.

Oh. My. Ducks. It was just confirmed in video form that Donald Duck will be released as a playable figurine for Disney Infinity 2.0. My face is leaking joy.

And just like that, Disney Infinity 2.0 is back on my radar! Words cannot describe the erection bursting through my pants as I type this. Actually, I think those words will suffice.

Does this mean we will get the rest of the Duck Universe at some point? Who knows. In the very least, it gives us hope that Disney isn’t going to use the Disney Infinity 2.0 as just a movie marketing tool, but maybe, just maybe, it’s going to be the definitive Disney game for fans of all ages.