Double Fine Launches Amnesia Fortnight 2014

double-fine-logoDouble Fine, the company that is seemingly driven to break the record for most video games in production at one time, has once again launched into their Amnesia Fortnight game jam and opened it up to public scrutiny. Over at Humble Bundle, you can donate as little as a single dollar to gain access to voting and pick from 29 pitch videos. That list will be brought down to ten, and then the top three of those finalists will be produced as finalized prototypes that will be included in your purchase price. Also included is the five prototypes from the last public Amnesia Fortnight, and you can pay more to vote on one of four pitches from Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward or to gain a blu-ray set of the documentary film being produced about the game jam.

Among the prototypes being considered are Headlander (an action-adventure game where you play as the disembodied head of an astronaut), What Could Go Wrong (an adventure game set inside a slasher movie), Project 行 (a fighting game with magic spells based on Chinese elements), and Timagotchi (a virtual pet where your pet is a game developer). There are plenty more pitches on the site, and the films that come out of these events are an interesting look into game development for anyone who likes to be on the cutting edge of gaming. One might worry that Tim Schafer’s team is stretching themselves too thin considering that they’re also currently working on Hack n Slash, Spacebase DF-9, Massive Chalice, and the second part of Broken Age, but the makers of Brutal Legend will always get a little extra leeway in my book.