Duels 2014: Deadwalkers Deck List

Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014

Hello players, and welcome to my first Duels of the Planeswalkers 2014 Deck Guide! This time, I’ll be covering Liliana’s deck, DeadWalkers. You can unlock Deadwalkers by going to the “Duel Planeswalkers” screen in the campaign duel select menu and beating the Liliana AI.


Deadwalkers, when fully unlocked, has all the cards needed for a blindingly fast Zombie Aggro deck. It works best in 1v1 matches, where you have to only one target to focus on. This particular build doesn’t work very well in 3+ player Free for All or in 2-Headed Giant. The cards are definitely there for a powerful multiplayer Mono-Black Control deck, but for now I’m just focusing on 1v1 duels. Without further ado, allow me to go through the hyper-aggressive form of Deadwalkers:

Wave 1: [card]Gravecrawler[/card], [card]Diregraf Ghoul[/card], and [card]Bloodghast[/card]


Like any good zombie onslaught, this deck works in waves. These creatures are the first wave, forcing enemy creatures to trade with them or putting a good amount of damage on the opponent before they can stabilize. The 2 power one drops really put the squeeze on the opponent in the first few turns, while [card]Bloodghast[/card] and [card]Gravecrawler[/card] are both easily returned to the field after trading with an opposing creature, letting you keep your imposing field on the attack.

Wave 2: [card]Black Cat[/card], [card]Butcher Ghoul[/card], [card]Walking Corpse[/card], and [card]Geralf’s Messenger[/card]


The second wave consists of creatures that aren’t quite as fast as the first wave, but can help in further widening the breach in defenses made by your first wave. [card]Black Cat[/card] and [card]Butcher Ghoul[/card] are both great blockers, while also getting buffed into an attack-worthy range by wave 3. [card]Geralf’s Messenger[/card] and [card]Walking Corpse[/card] keep up the offensive by joining wave one on the assault.

Wave 3: [card]Death Baron[/card], [card]Lord of the Undead[/card], and [card]Undead Warchief[/card]


The third wave consists of dropping a Lord or two (in Magic, Lords are cards that increase the power and toughness of certain creature types, in this case zombies). With these creatures on the board buffing your army of early creatures, a lot of power is added to the board. In addition to these useful stat boosts, these lords also give an ability to your other creatures. [card]Death Baron[/card]’s deathtouch gives your creatures the ability to trade with anything but first strikers. [card]Lord of the Undead[/card] can retrieve your zombies and throw them right back into the fray, while [card]Undead Warchief[/card]’s +2 bonus to power can close out games all on its own. In many games, by the time these creatures are coming down, the game is close to its conclusion, and a power boost is just what’s needed to finish the game.

Wave 4: [card]Fleshbag Marauder[/card], [card]Liliana’s Reaver[/card], [card]Quest for the Gravelord[/card] and [card]Abattoir Ghoul[/card]


The fourth wave consists of midsize creatures to begin dealing with any larger creatures your opponent may have dropped. The main problem with many aggro decks is that it can be hard to pick up steam once the opponent begins to stabilize. These creatures are here to slow down and/or prevent stabilization. [card]Fleshbag Marauder[/card] helps keep the enemy creature count down, while you can either sacrifice it to itself, making it essentially a 2B sorcery, or you can sacrifice an Undying creature or Gravecrawler to it to get added value. [card]Liliana’s Reaver[/card] is here as a beatstick, one that potentially brings friends along for the ride if it hits your opponent. [card]Quest for the Gravelord[/card] is another great beatstick in the mid to late game. Finally, there’s [card]Abattoir Ghoul[/card], who defends like a champ and can also take down many other creatures in the game while on the attack and gain you life at the same time. Also, he’s really good with the deathtouch from [card]Death Baron[/card].

The final wave: [card]Grave Titan[/card] and [card]Mikaeus, the Unhallowed[/card]


The 5th and final wave of creatures are included to finish the game if it isn’t already done by the time you hit 6 mana. [card]Grave Titan[/card] hits the board with 10 power worth of creatures, and [card]Mikaeus, the Unhallowed[/card] allows your creatures to attack with impunity, with a power boost to boot. It also really shuts down the Avacyn’s Might deck and its army of humans.

Supporting the Assault

While the creatures do most of the work in this deck, I’m also including a suite of backup cards to make certain of your victory.

Removal: [card]Doom Blade[/card] and [card]Tendrils of Corruption[/card]

These cards are pretty self-explanatory. Is a creature bothering you? Kill it. Is a creature too large for you to attack into? Kill it. Is a creature about to kill you? Kill it.


Card advantage: [card]Vampiric Tutor[/card] and [card]Sign in Blood[/card]

[card]Vampiric Tutor[/card] is a great card in the mid or late game, allowing you to stack your draw to get whatever last piece you need to win the game. [card]Sign in Blood[/card] lets you refuel a bit after an especially fast start, or can dig you to the lands you need to start the next wave.


I put [Card]Reanimate[/Card] in the deck in order to retrieve a creature of yours or the opponent’s that died in combat or to Doom Blade.

Here’s the final list that I have had the most success with:

  • 24x [card]Swamp[/card]
  • 2x Diregraf Ghoul
  • 3x Gravecrawler
  • 2x Black Cat
  • 1x Bloodghast
  • 2x Butcher Ghoul
  • 2x Walking Corpse
  • 1x Death Baron
  • 2x Fleshbag Marauder
  • 2x Geralf’s Messenger
  • 2x Abattoir Ghoul
  • 1x Liliana’s Reaver
  • 2x Undead Warchief
  • 1x Grave Titan
  • 1x Mikaeus, the Unhallowed
  • 1x Quest for the Gravelord
  • 1x Reanimate
  • 1x Vampiric Tutor
  • 3x Doom Blade
  • 2x Sign in Blood
  • 2x Tendrils of Corruption

I hope this deck works as well for you as it has for me (I rarely lose online matches with this deck). If you like/dislike this list, leave a comment below, and if you want to play a game or two with me, email me at Jake@Geekenstein.com and we can organize a PSN match!