EA Achieves the Impossible, Plans Offline Mode for SimCity

SimCity-Logo-600They said it couldn’t be done. Quite literally in fact. EA and Maxis have repeatedly shouted from the rooftops that their new SimCity was “designed” for multiplayer, that it wouldn’t function without the vital components that being online brought to the experience. They even stated that the game wasn’t fully functional without exchanging data with their servers, although that was later proved to be a complete falsehood. Today, almost a year after everyone stopped caring about the troubled city building game and months after EA’s bald-face lying was overshadowed by the truly magical saga of Don Mattrick and the Xbox One, Maxis have announced that SimCity will finally be getting an offline mode, allowing the five diehard fans still playing the game to finally leave their houses and come out into the light again.


This comes after another recent announcement that Maxis would be allowing mods of the game as long as the developer approved of them first. Of course, an offline mode and “mod support” doesn’t solve the problems of SimCity that are baked into the experience, like the part where you can’t build one city that’s big enough to gather all the resources needed in the endgame. No, even offline players will have to run a region filled with several cities instead of one huge city. If I remember my childhood days with SimCity 2000 correctly, I don’t believe that it will be quite as satisfying to crush a region of small cities underfoot with natural disasters and cut power lines. In any case, lets hope that the stories of both this game and Diablo 3 will make companies shy away from online only single player games in the future, if only to keep gaming journalism’s sarcasm reserves in check.